There’s nothing on earth as important
as closely to walk with your God.
For so many things can distract us,
forgetting the words he has said.
Take heart, take heed!
when feeble and fearful, be strong –
our Saviour is Sovereign,
with joy we’ll be home before long!

Each word he has said is important
– the way of his kindness and grace,
but also his warning of judgement
if scorning a pardoning embrace.

So when you’re discouraged, remember
his promises, fixing your eyes
upon him the God who is Saviour,
and walk in the way that is wise.

Then clearing your life of the litter
of sin, choosing holiness pure,
and aiming towards the bright future
of joy in his promises sure.

Tune: 98 98+ eg ‘Redeemed ‘by William J Kirkpatrick (tune of ‘Redeemed how I love to proclaim it’)

Jesus raises his people

Because he lives, I’ll ever live –
as he was raised, so soon will I,
for though this mortal body die,
when Jesus comes, returns, He’ll give
to me a body like his own
– then sin, decay will be unknown

Creation groans because the fall
has caused such problems, but they’ll cease
– we eagerly await release
when Christ returns, believers all
will meet him, fully made anew,
the universe made glorious too.
Tune: 88 88 88

Certain Hope

No pain, and not in need;
completely blessed, and freed
from evil, sin and all
brought on us by the fall.
Certain hope:
we know Christ is there;
Jesus has promised
our home to prepare.

No fault, or weariness;
temptations cannot press;
no sight of wickedness;
no discontent, distress.

There goodness is complete;
and fellowship so sweet
with God, and with his Son:
we’ll see him on the throne.

With all God’s saints we’ll praise;
fulfilled for endless days;
pure joy, and glory, rest;
in perfect service blest.
Certain hope,
beyond all compare;
righteous, rejoicing,
and worshipping there.
[Tune: ‘Mine by’ R Frank Lehman   66. 66. and refrain]

Heavenly Praise

Revelation chapter 5
The Lamb who once was slain,
the Lion is alive.
He triumphed and will reign;
he’s worthy to receive –
all glory, praise that we can bring,
amazing song his saints must sing, –
a purchased people worshipping.

He bought us with his blood,
from every language, land,
a kingdom, priests for God:
redeemed as grace had planned.
All glory …

Eternal One, the Root
of David’s mighty clan;
and Jesse’s promised Shoot, –
almighty Son of Man.
All glory …

Tune: 66 66 888 eg Rhosymedre by John David Edwards

4 Life-spans

One had had a busy life that satisfied,
laboured, service useful, with no pride;
patient now, enduring illness, weak’ning frame,
with forebearance, waiting joy to come.

One had struggled on, no sense of great fulfilment,
persevered and helped, with no resentment;
suddenly, a special task when hair was grey,
’til he dropped ‘in harness’, one good day.

One sought only pleasure, pleasure rarely came,
weary, feeling bitterness, not shame.
other people he accused of lacking care, –
he’d shown little effort love to share.

One such prodigal awoke to sense one day –
saw his emptiness, and turned away,
left his sterile self-sufficiency, and found
grace, now glad in good works to abound.

Longing for home

This life can seem a wilderness,
with Zion far ahead, –
by grace, like manna, Christ can bless –
he is the living Bread.

Though tasting much of heavenly grace
upon this pilgrim way,
yet we should long to see Christ’s face, –
he will return one day.

He wants his children to press on
and serve while living here,
empowered and strengthened, and to long
that soon he will draw near.

His coming may seem long-delayed,
we may not think it near;
but soon his power will be displayed,
his enemies will fear.     (CM)

Heaven prepared

Soon there’ll be days of glory
Where there will be no pain;
there poverty, injustice
will not be known again.
Jesus prepares this heaven,
and he will take you there,
if you have been forgiven,
this glorious hope to share.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
no-one will ever fight;
joyful,complete submission
to him who rules aright.
Jesus prepares
. . .

Soon there’ll be days of glory;
I do not have a claim
of innocence, so, trembling
I pray in Jesu’s name.
No-one deserves this heaven
nor entry-rights possess;
but we can be forgiven, –
in grace this God can bless.

Jesus came here form heaven
to take the punishment
instead of guilty sinners
who truthfully repent.
Receive this great salvation,
receive this pardon free,
the purchased full redemption,
for all eternity.

Soon there’ll be days of glory,
but when the Judge holds court,
to heaven there’s no admission
without a pardon bought.
Jesus prepares this
heaven . . .

Tune: 76 76 76 76

Facing death

Facing death with disappointment,
and fear;
angry, bitter, –
expectations, prospects dashed,
hopes disappear.

Facing death with expectations
– soon afflictions all will cease,
then will come eternal glory –
now contentment, faith and peace

To die, to live

Philippians 1:21
Paul said, ‘For me to die is gain’.
He’d often known upholding grace
when facing death, and troubles, pain;
and longed to see Christ face to face.

‘To live is gain’, – in fellowship,
to bring him glory, serve each day,
that people may be saved, built up,
God’s children helped upon the Way.

Paul wanted them to live this way, –
Philippians, Christians everywhere –
to serve our Master day by day,
until we go to Jesus there.