The Champion against the thief

The Son of Man defeats Satan

Robbing of purpose
robbing of joy,
the thief who deceives us
desires to destroy,
damaging, causing
sadness and grief
all is confusing
– who’ll bring relief?

Needing a Champion
to conquer the foe,
and re-provision
mercy to know
This Man could win us
happiness, peace
new sense of purpose
freedom, release.

Satan was conquered
now held under rein
still he can tempt us
from good and from gain.
Knows what his end is,
that Jesus has power
and we know our Friend is
our strength every hour.

Tune: 54 54 54 54 eg ‘Thine own way’ by George Stebbins (tune of ‘Have Thine own way, Lord’

Confused thinking

Satan clouds their thinking – so becoming blind:
cannot see things clearly, sluggishness of mind.

Tricked them into thinking God himself is blind
and can’t see their malice, deaf to words unkind.

Smirking when they are not punished straight away,
hope God has no record to reveal one day.

He exists and sees us, everything’s observed,
but his Son he asked to bear what we deserved.

Tune: 65 65 eg Tunes of ‘At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow’

The Battle

The One and only God, so holy,
Creator of the universe;
but evil spirits stir up hatred
and foster strife, make quarrels worse.

They trouble beings God created
to be his friends, take care of earth,
and keep them running from his friendship,
as independent slaves of death.

But then their biggest plan was thwarted
– they’d schemed – God’s Son was crucified,
but when he rose to life they realised
that this had pardon now supplied.

So now those rebels could be welcomed,
and see God’s love and mercy sweet,
return to fellowship so lovely,
despite the evil ones’ deceit.

Those spirits know their days are numbered
for soon the Son will come again,
He’ll send them packing to their prison,
no longer will they trouble men.

Tune: 98 98 eg tunes of ‘O Breath of life, come sweeping through us’ or ‘The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended’

Resist, stand firm

1 Peter 5:6-11
Dear Saviour, Satan seeks
to feed our foolish pride,–
we want God’s gifts, but from
humility we slide.

Watch, think, pray; alert every day
Satan is seeking to lead you astray.

And sometimes he is glad
to make you angry, fret,
not cast your care on Christ, –
God’s power and love forget.

He lulls us into sleep,
and quietly prowls around.
You may not hear him creep,
– he strikes with little sound.

He likes to make us fear;
but firm in faith let’s stand:
God helps his church world-wide
by his almighty hand.

So don’t forget God’s grace,
his purpose and his power.
Don’t panic, but keep watch
for danger hour by hour.
Tune: 66 66 + iambic eg Mine by R F Lehman

Know your God, your enemy, your heart

Able to keep you – King all-wise, –
yet he allows the Prince of lies                    (Know your God)
to bring temptations in your way,
teaching your need to watch and pray.

Real and malicious is our foe,
– cunning, – our weakest points he’ll know,
fiercely he hates our happiness,             (Know your enemy)
skilfully hinders holiness.

Indwelling sin will yearn and lust:
Christians in Christ must daily trust,      (Know your heart)
watch, and take care where weak, and pray
grace to resist, repent each day.
Tune: LM eg Duke Street (Fight the good fight)

Screwtape’s three-pronged strategy

– with indebtedness to C S Lewis

Let them think that God’s remote
– to him they do not matter,
and so they need not give much thought
to get to know him better.

Let them think there is no God,
there’s nothing else but matter,
and human wisdom has evolved
to understand things better.

Let them think there is no code,
that morals do not matter,
with no restraint, experiment,
and think they’ll feel much better.

Do anything to keep from thought
of God, who walked this earth,
by miracle had human birth,
revealing God to whom we matter,
and showed a way of life that’s better,
a God who is and was and shall be,
and soon will change this world of tragedy;

keep them from joy, discarding mutiny.

The Defeat of the Archetype

A spirit of the Great King’s court,
had mutinied, sedition taught,
and sought to cause much trouble, fear,
amongst the subjects; he would steer
them from the rule and care so kind,
and make them of rebellious mind;
but soon they found their master new
a harsh slave-driver, monster too
– the only way they could be freed
was if the King’s own Son agreed
to take him on, fight to the death,
– the guilty then could have new birth,
be freed from this tyrannical rule,
and realise they’d each been a fool,
and glad to find they could return,
receive acquittal none could earn
and what is more, the battle won,
he lives forever, their Saviour-Son.

Corrupting ‘additions’

Satan’s crafty, sly and slick,
and distracts with many a trick
from God’s Word and into lie,
– novel rituals he’ll supply,
or revive the old or ancient,
– anything to supplement
and soon smother revelation,
truth of God for every nation:

so be ready, and aware
of the things that can ensnare.

Do we cherish some tradition
inessential as condition
for true fellowship, or even
introduce lies, toxic leaven?

Communicate God’s Word alone
to whoever has not known.