Hope in a hopeless world

To God, Source of hope, gladly singing
– he promises, capably bringing
real hope for the hopeless, releasing
from fear – peace through all, never ceasing.

Believing his word of salvation
from sickness and sin’s condemnation,
believing that Jesus procured thus
by death this solution assured us.

We’ve joy from this hope that’s abounding,
though Satan sows doubts, but the grounding
of hope is secure in our Saviour,
his Spirit walks with us for ever.

Still troubled by illness and sinning –
we know that their end you are bringing,
enjoying your grace, contemplating,
bright future we’re patiently waiting.

Reasons to Praise

Wholehearted praise, through all my days;
reflective gaze, on all your ways:
creation beautiful I see,
and purchased full salvation free.

Your grace has taught of freedom bought –
your peace we sought, by mercy caught;
taste help each day, delight to stay,
to fellowship, and walk your way.

Rejoice, content for you are near,
from condemnation cleansed and clear,
pardoned, no judgement need to fear,
upheld, preserved to persevere.

From hearts made wise, our songs arise,
and praises swell, of him to tell
who is the universe’s King,
kind Sovereign over everything.

‘I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing to your name, O Most High.’ Psalm 9:1,2

Tune: LM eg Morning Hymn by F H Barhelemon (tune of  ‘Awake, my soul, and with the sun’ )
or Duke Street by J Hatton (tune of ‘Fight the good fight’)


(on Isaiah 6)
Lord, show us afresh your vast holiness, might,
revealing anew my great sin in your sight.
Please open our vision to view the stupendous
salvation procured for sinners atrocious.

And help me perceive then the wonder of pardon,
receiving the cleansing, the joy and the freedom
– that freedom to serve and to sense your embrace
empowering, equipping that service by grace.

Remind us to pause, and to contemplate, see
your majesty, love, so our worship will be
revived, stirred and contrite, our hearts overwhelmed,
delighting, rejoicing, luke-warmness dispelled.

eg St Luke 11 11 11 11

Joy in God’s grace

Created to rejoice,
but not in trivial things,
in knowing God’s rich grace,
the comforts Jesus brings.

Joy – we’re loved, embraced by the Lord
wonderful gospel, exult in his Word.

Christ Jesus took delight
in viewing past the grave
joy after suffering’s night
with those his death would save.

Our joy as others grow
in love, humility –
increasingly they show
Christ’s grace and purity.

Paul’s joy in service hard,
for saints – we honour all
those suffering for God’s Word
in pain their joy yet full.

Tune: 66 66+ iambic eg ‘Mine’ by Frank Lehman

Joy to the world

Joy to the world where kindness, love
so often faithless prove.
Our world is lonely, sad, in pain:
but bringing comfort, help he came
rich grace and life to give,
the barrier-debt forgive,
– the Father sent his Son to save.

Joy to the world, the angels sang, –
salvation’s glorious plan!
A baby born, a human child,
the Son of God, man undefiled,
for us our death to die,
our ransom full supply:
to him we can be reconciled!

Joy to the world! Will you who hear
bow down, to him draw near?
in holy fear, and true regret
for follies, greed, and love’s neglect?
His welcoming arms are kind,
rejection, none will find,
who come with all their heart and mind!
Tune: 86 88 66 8 Antioch by George F Handel (tune of ‘Joy to the World’ by I Watts) 196 Grace

(The the Isaac Watts hymn is CM with a 4 line verse, but the 3rd line is slurred to music which fits lines 3 and 4 above happily; also that hymn’s last line is repeated twice, + part of the line – and the music has here been used for the extra two lines.)

and for children

Everyone who knows the Lord,
and is now a child of God,
God’s own Spirit dwells within:
he is holy, hating sin.

Changes in our lives he’ll make:
holy fruit for Jesu’s sake.
Love and joy and peace all grow
in each one that God loves so.

Patience, kindness, faithfulness,
(happy, when we’re more like this)
gentleness and self-control,
humbly doing good to all.

JOY (Philippians 2:3-5)

“Not my will but yours, (Matthew 26:39)
though it lead to the cross.”

“Not my will but his,
though there’s hardship and loss.
He loves me, but knows
that for joy to be full,
I must know submission,
to his Word and his will.”

J: 1st Jesus in your thought,
O: then others need support.
Y: yourself in proper place,
– that’s the way of joy and peace.

Sure Joy

Philippians 4:4
Joy flows from Jesus through faith in his Word:
Joy that is sure
purchased inheritance safely is stored,
perfect, for ever secure.
Joy in the LORD –
always rejoice in his wonderful Word!

Many the times when we sorrow or groan,
yet we have hope;
joy incorruptible, pure, we have known;
sometimes we struggle and grope;
yet we have still
cause to rejoice that he’s working his will.

Empty hilarity’s worthless and vain, –
soon it will end:
Satan deceives men to folly and pain.
God is a merciful Friend; –
true godly fear
brings with it joy to press on, persevere.

Robbed of our joy by temptation to sin –
help me to turn,
not to be selfish or proud, but like him,
bitterness, hatred, to spurn:
walk in God’s ways,
gaining real pleasure, and bringing him praise.

Those who the name of Christ Jesus revere,
sorry for sin,
will not be frightened when soon he draws near, –
joyfully welcoming him;
trials all past,
nothing to hinder enjoyment at last!
Tune: 10 4 10 7 4 10 e.g. Wonderful Love by F.L.Wiseman