The Defeat of the Archetype

A spirit of the Great King’s court,
had mutinied, sedition taught,
and sought to cause much trouble, fear,
amongst the subjects; he would steer
them from the rule and care so kind,
and make them of rebellious mind;
but soon they found their master new
a harsh slave-driver, monster too
– the only way they could be freed
was if the King’s own Son agreed
to take him on, fight to the death,
– the guilty then could have new birth,
be freed from this tyrannical rule,
and realise they’d each been a fool,
and glad to find they could return,
receive acquittal none could earn
and what is more, the battle won,
he lives forever, their Saviour-Son.

The most important world events

Many philosophies, only one
where God himself stepped into history;
many killings, but only one
immortal person died, a mystery;
many injustices, but only One
sinless, suffered crucifixion,
many claims but only One
foretold, displayed his resurrection.
Only one such momentous sequence –
events that brought to millions
far-reaching consequence,
eternal relevance.