1 January, again

The clock is ticking on …
the climax is foretold,
the world is winding down,
– like us, it’s getting old,
and, entering this year of grace,
its unknown pathways we can face,
supported in the darkest place,
with prayer for help to be of use,
and opportunities embrace.

Jesus clears away the additions to scripture

He spoke to the needy and lost,
and witnessed whatever the cost,
not harshly to stir into hate, –
but they killed him outside of the gate.

Their system of rules he refused,
– their rules had made many confused;
the Scriptures that God had revealed
beneath human rules were concealed.

True meaning of Scripture they missed,
else they would have welcomed, and kissed
the Son, but they hated his claim,
rejecting his wonderful name.

Tune: 88 88 (anapaestic?)

David learns, and perseveres

King David, choice of God for ruling,
his people leading many years;
composer, singing psalms appealing,
revealing faith he’d learnt in tears.

Whatever causes of his turmoil:
his sin, his troubles, scheming Saul:
however low, he’d still in prayer toil,
and on the Lord of promise call.

For laying hold of all God’s promised, –
see: that’s how David struggled up, –
a way of grace his God had furnished, –
the Lord himself would drink the cup.

And all his failings he acknowledged;
for his repentance was sincere.
He trusted, pleaded: God provided
assurance, peace, removed his fear.

Jonah learns

(Jonah 1:3,17; 2:1,2,9,10 & 3:1)
If I’m not honest when I fail,
let down my God, I may
cause some to suffer as I hide:
I should seek God and pray.

For salvation can only come from
the Lord and Saviour, and he commanded
the fish that he provided,
to bring Jonah to dry land.

God takes his chosen time to teach,
through darkness he may lead
in love, that I may hear his voice
and feel my guilt and need.

In quietness, distractions gone,
He shows I’m small and weak,
and what a privilege if he
wants me for him to speak.

If God delivers and forgives,
commissions you once more,
don’t take it easy, or presume,
– his Word do not ignore.
Tune: I know whom I have believed.

Through faith the mouths of lions …

Hebrews 11:33–39
Through faith the mouths of lions
were shut, and fiery flame
was quenched; – the God all able
brought honour to his name.

Through faith, God’s people suffered
in persecution’s hour;
bore flogging, jeers and, torture
by Jesu’s grace and power.

Through faith some had escape from
the sword, but others bore
such death – their resurrection
ahead, by faith they saw.

The early Christian martyrs,
and Daniel, all were blest;
– the God of scripture trusted:
he helped them through the test.

In trials, troubles, turmoils …

In trials, troubles, turmoils,
I wait upon the LORD,
expecting he’ll accomplish
his wise and promised Word.

He only is the Master,
the wise and able King,
I wait for him to rescue,
his joy and help to bring.

I’m waiting and I’m hoping,
assured, his grace expect;
his Word is all I lean on,
and other trusts reject.

I understand those feelings of despair …

I understand those feelings of despair, –
the devil loves to take me wandering there;
for holiness he’d have me cease to care,
or, look at all my failings, – and despair.
The devil does not want the gospel peace,
salvation of inestimable worth,
to be made known; – desires to make me cease
from usefulness to Christ upon this earth.
Temptations come as differing fiery darts.
That old deceiver makes them sweet appear,
but Christ (Protector) wisdom, grace imparts
to keep from carelessness to sin, or fear.
Have mercy, holy God who dwells on high,
a contrite sinner’s plea do not deny.

Why am I downcast?

help from Psalms 42 and 43

Remembering fellowship and praise,
experiences of former days;
but now oppressed by taunts and fears, –
I thirst, I pant for God with tears.
Why am I downcast, why despair?
My powerful Saviour hears my prayer.

“Where is my God?” – I do not feel
or sense his presence, comfort real.
“Where is your God?” I know their sneers;
– God hears my sighs and sees my tears.
Why am I downcast, why despair?
My powerful Saviour hears my prayer.

But has my Rock forgotten me?
(False whispers of my enemy)
God’s love directs though storms last long; –
he fills my heart with prayer and song.
Why is my soul disturbed within?
Remember God, and hope in him.

Oppressed, but God will vindicate,
bring justice, save from those who hate.
Send forth your truth and light to guide
to Christ; with joy I will abide.
Why is my soul disturbed within?

Remember God, and hope in him.