Christian life – talking

Tongues cause trouble all through life:
words bring peace or stir up strife,
cheer or sadden, hurt or heal:
inward state of soul reveal.

Men remember what I say,
and I must confess each day
ask forgiveness of my Lord,
for my every idle word.

Let my words be few and wise,
calm, controlled, and free from lies;
let me not conceal intent
by kind words I have not meant.

Words and winks can tempt and draw
men to disobey God’s law;
gossip’s words will cast a stain,
and the slur will long remain.

Do not love in words alone:
Christians by their deeds are known:
kindly acts and gracious tongue
show a work of grace begun.

Tame my tongue, and teach it, Lord
from the counsel of your Word.
Cleanse my heart, so that it may
guide my tongue in what to say.


Little bit will turn the horse,
little rudder sets the course,
spark sets forest all aflame, –
tiny tongue is hard to tame!
Sh! are you lying?
Sh! cross or fooling?
Sh! God is hearing:
let Jesus hold your tongue!

Drink is spoiled by poison drop.
Does your tongue know when to stop?
Little words can harm or hurt,–-
just like arrows, germs, or dirt.
Tune: 77 77 +   ‘Jesus loves me’ by W B Bradbury

Free Speech – annoying, hurting?

A law against offending speech,
and written words, but aren’t we each
offended every day by this, or that,
or in some other way?
Where draw the line, resort to law?
for words may yet respect restore
to different stance – may be, perchance,
preferred to ignorance of others’ views and news …?

and what of empty words of anger,
those swear words that give voice to temper?
their meaning, origin may be unknown
to one who’s safety-valve has blown,
but to a listener (reader) may
cause hurt, distaste, – no law can say
you must desist, but sensitivity
can train the tongue to care and courtesy.

Reliable words!

God of truth,  he cannot lie; –
on his Words we can rely, –
necessary, full supply:
Bible, perfect truth.

Satan, father of all lies –
cunning, crafty, clever, tries
by deceit men’s hearts to seize
from God’s words of truth.

Every day we talk a lot.
So much we can speak about!
God considers, – never doubt!
Purify your speech!

Do not gossip, slander, bear
witness false, but speak with care
what is right and true; don’t share
idle words unkind.

Men don’t always want to hear
truth; for truth will interfere
with their lies, but have no fear
truth will be made known.

For my failings I repent,
trust in Christ, with discontent
at my past, pray grace be sent
to help me purge my sin.

Words reveal

Matthew 6:19-34 & 12:34,35
The darkened heart
will overflow,
– the mouth impart
the words that show
heart’s state.

The eyes that set
and fix their sight
on ‘things’, and fret,
let in no light:
dark heart.

Direct your eyes,
your thought and care
on what supplies
‘light’ for heart prayer,
and speech.

Enlightened heart,
enduring treasure:
God’s kingdom sought,
a better Master:
all well.


Hosea 6:4; 8:2;10:4,12; 14:2,5 Ephesians 5:1,4  Proverbs 25:11
Religious words and ways
can make us feel secure;
but thoughtful inward gaze
will shake, or reassure.
Words, words, words: words worthless or wise,
worthwhile or empty, words pondered, or lies?

Cheap passions soon have passed,
like dew-drops drift away,
for feelings that will last
don’t prattle as they pray:
Words, words, words, words gushing or weighed?
secretive? open? – backsliding displayed.

Is comfort now your goal?
are sacrifices few?
If satisfied of soul,
plough up the soil anew.
Words, words, words: words precious or vain?
rooted in faith, love, or rotting with shame?

Break up the fallow ground,
sow seeds of righteousness,
let kindnesses abound, –
like welcome dew, he’ll bless.
Worthy words, take words that are true;
praying, and praise with the well-chosen few.

Tune: 66 66 + iambic eg ‘Mine’ by R Frank Lehman