How many molecular switches in your brain?

How many stars in the Milky Way?
How many nerve links in part of my brain?
How many switches, – well, now they can say
more than the number of computers and routers,
and internet connections all over the earth,
a thousand times more than that number of stars,
– and all so transportable, useful, compact,
– amazing, impossible, miraculous fact!
(ref: “Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth” – news.cnet)

Today is the Day of Pentecost

With signs of power, – of wind and flame,
the promised Holy Spirit came:
Astonishment, bewilderment:
these Jews who from afar had come,
could hear these simple Galileans
now speak of wonders God had done:
in their own language, each one heard –
by miracle, – foretelling sign
that this divine redemption Word
was meant for every people, nation;
the Spirit had been sent to dwell,
equip and strengthen, bring conviction –
and many would accept salvation:

that day 3000 came to faith,
a world-wide church had come to birth.
Acts 2:1-41

‘Ascension Day’

Acts 1:1-11
Arising up and out of sight,
a cloud obscured,
angels assured
he will return as he has gone,
so go and tell and make him known,
his lordship many more will own:

for forty days he’d been supplying
abundantly full confirmation
of his astounding resurrection:
they now must wait his new empowering.