Prayer in deep suffering

Deep and bitter suffering
some may have to bear;
seemingly no lessening,
though there’s hope in prayer.

‘Lord, you know our turmoil;
Lord, you know my heart;
for your praise and glory,
sovereign grace impart.’

‘Lord, don’t let me suffer
more than I can bear;
help my father, mother
who my sufferings share.’

‘If you raise or take me, –
yours must be the choice,
more like Jesus make me, –
I will yet rejoice.’

‘If to health I’m raised, Lord,
by your will and Word,
may your name be praised, Lord,
men to faith be stirred.’

‘If to your dear presence
I am soon to come,
give me blest dependence
as you take me home.

‘Help them trust your purpose,
help them trust your will,
help them in your service,
as they labour still.

‘Thank you for salvation, (repeat last 4 lines of tune) 
thank you for your love,
help and preservation
comfort from above.’

‘Jesus you’re my Saviour, (repeat last 4 lines of tune) 
Shepherd, Master, Friend,
Soon I’ll know and wonder,
praise will never end.’
Tune: 65 65 65 65 eg Goshen by Marchel Davis

Marriage and Christ’s love for his church

(Ephesians 5)
Christ cherishes his church, – what care,
and sacrificial, saving love;
with tenderness, he will prepare
his Bride for life in heaven above:
Love’s mystery of shared delight,
preserving yoke for progress right.

His church with trembling love, and awe,
are glad they have a powerful Head:
they pray, submit, – his rule and law
are wise and good, – they’re safely led:
Love’s mystery of shared delight,
preserving yoke for progress right.

The pattern for our families:
respect, and love, kind leadership,
perceptive help, desire to please,
support with rich companionship:
Love’s mystery of shared delight,
preserving yoke for progress right.

When anxious irritations grow,
and love, agreement drift, then pray
Christ’s precious love to better know,
forbearance, care show day by day:
Love’s mystery of shared delight,
preserving yoke for progress right.

Tune: 88 88 88 Stella (Tune of ‘Leave God to order all Thy ways)

Jesus says, “What do you want me to do for you?”

(Mark 10:36,51)
What do you want me to do for you?
What a wonderful question! – what would you do?
What would you ask for? What would you say?
What are the things for which you pray?

The man who was blind knew his desperate need
– he knew he’d no merit, had faith to plead
to One who he realised could give him his sight:
he didn’t give up, – asked for mercy and light.

But Zebedee’s sons asked with eagerness wrong
– they realised Christ’s greatness, his kingdom would come,
but now they must serve, their Father’d prepare
their place in his kingdom – they knew they’d be there!

New Year, or At Parting

1. Look back – remember grace divine,
look on – the way ahead
is known to God, and he is mine,
by him we’ll still be led.
ch. Look back, look onward, joyfully,
we’ll persevere and praise.
God will walk with us faithfully
through all the coming days.

2. Some memories cause pain, or guilt,
and others, thankfulness,
but struggles and emotion felt
all mould our growth in grace.
ch.    Look back . . .

3. The Lord who has upheld me through
these twelve months that have passed,
has placed me with his people true, –
each brief encounter’s blessed.
ch.    The bonds of fellowship are deep,
– support and empathy.
Through time and distance Christians keep
refreshing memory.

4. So, when again on earth we meet,
and then in heaven, we will
renew that fellowship so sweet,
unchanged in Jesus still.
ch.    Look back . . .
Tune: Auld Lang Syne

Stand firm

Ephesians 6:10-20
Dear brothers, in the Saviour,
stand firmly, and take care –
you may not see the dangers,
temptations to beware;
for wealth and worldly standards,
and views against God’s Word
can influence you slyly
from faithfulness to God.

So, have I got complacent?
Get up, and stand to serve!
Or stubborn, and self-centred?
How easily we swerve.
Arise and stand committed
to witness of God’s Way
to those who do not know it:
stand firmly day by day.

And walk with faith in Jesus,
delighting now to learn
his words of light and blessing,
your feet secure and firm.
So, think, and pray, make effort
to persevere and grow
in righteousness, stand firmly,
empowering grace you’ll know.
Tune: 76 76 D

Beautiful Food

How beautiful the feet which bring
good news of peace with God, the King;
and preachers gifted from above
are tokens of the Father’s love.

The harvest needs such labourers sent
by God to teach men to repent,
wield sword-like Word, convict of sin,
and news of Jesus Christ to bring.

God’s people need to learn, and grow
in righteousness, God’s wisdom know;
be fed on Christ, the living Bread,
and in their Bible study led.

So pray that Christ his gifts will give,
equip his church to brightly live,
shine forth with light to those around,
in love and purity abound.
Tune: LM eg Herongate (English Traditional Melody arr B Croft)

Blown about

Ephesians 4:14
The winds of false teaching, the cunning of men, –
the devil is prowling and lurking again –
he aims to deflect us from God’s narrow way:
unsettled by lies, and with ease puffed astray.

Reborn from our deadness, indifference to sin,
delighting in truth, now alive to begin
to study the Scriptures, and meditate, learn:
and so we’re equipped Satan’s lies to discern.

God’s wisdom you need to perceive what is wrong,
and stop being gullible, carried along;
for youngsters in faith can be tossed by each slight
unhappiness, error, or trivial delight.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg Montgomery by  S Jarvis

Faith in facts

The Creator  has spoken, and truth can be read,
so we should believe all the things he has said:
the promises trust,
of him who is just.

The Creator has come, and the words can be read,
of witnesses telling he rose from the dead:
our faith is in him,
forgiveness of sin.