The Evolutionary-creation Myths

There once was a myth that mutations
could create DNA permutations
of life systems viable
beautiful, reliable:
they corrupt, can’t improve information.

There once was a myth of long ages
to help evolutionary stages,
but the methods of dating
have faults, indicating
more likely are far shorter ranges.

There once was a myth that the buried
fossils were but slowly smothered –
if not quickly engulfed in the ground
then scavengers soon would have found,
them, their pieces thus broken and scattered.

So the rocks show the signs of catastrophe,
laid down by a flood of activity
or volcanic eruption
and sudden destruction:
a devastating time of calamity.

There once was a myth that ‘pooh-poohed’
that such intricate nature only would
be created, designed
by a far greater mind
and power, than ‘chance’ ever could.

There once was a myth of a gradual
emergence, from nothing, of animal
and plant life evolving,
the improbables resolving
by assumption of aeons multi-millennial.
and some means yet unknown to be causal.

Silent night, Special night

(based on ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’)

Silent night, special night,
all is dark, comes the Light.
Mary with her first-born child,
by whom we’ll be reconciled.
Saviour sent to redeem. (X2)

Silently, most knew not
sleeping babe, makeshift cot,
held the Gift unique for all,
now awhile for milk must call.
Saviour soon will redeem. (X2)

Simple scene, soon will mean
Herod’s threat, real but yet
Joseph warned, with Jesus fled,
Saviour safe to be our Head:
Teacher died in our stead. (X2)

Tune: “Stille Nacht” by F Gruber, Irregular (tune of ‘Silent night, holy night’ on which this is partly based)

A manger-crib

(based on ‘Away in a Manger)
No crib, just a manger to lay down his head,
his mother must place him where cattle had fed.
Though he is the King over all of the earth,
so quiet, so humble, unnoticed his birth.

Like all babies crying for food from his Mum,
but free of bad temper, to save he had come;
He’d suffer so we could be pardoned of sin,
and changed in our hearts, godly life to begin.

For now he is living again on his throne,
and all of my troubles and praying are known.
His Spirit can stay by my side every day,
and fit me for heaven and lead in his Way.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg tune of ‘Away in a manger’ on which this is partly based.

Blest merriment: Global news

(based on the carol ‘God rest you merry, gentlemen’)

God make you happy, one and all,
no need to be dismayed,
For Jesus Christ the Saviour
was in a manger laid,
but born to save us from the things
which trap us when we’ve strayed.
Bringing news of real comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
Bringing news of real comfort and joy.

God make you happy, give you joy,
He is the only One
who can our lives’ confusions solve,
and so He sent His Son,
announced to shepherds in the field
salvation’s work begun;
Global news: lasting comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
Global news: lasting comfort and joy.

tune: 8686 86 and refrain eg tune of ‘God rest you merry, gentlemen’.

Light to the Bleakness

(based on the carol, ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ by Christina Rosetti)

In the bleak mid-winter
all is cold,
troubles biting, bitter –
Love foretold
God is coming bringing light,
comfort and release
to lives cold as winter
He sent peace.

In the wintery bleakness
where is joy?
sorrow, hardness, weakness
– a baby boy,
God is coming as foretold
the miracle will be
he’ll redeem from bleakness,
set us free.

Those who’d heard with patience
wait amid
sorrows of all nations,
but God did
come as promised touching hearts,
for Christ paid,
now imparts redemption,
life and aid.

Tune: Cranham by Gustav Holst (irregular) tune of ‘In the bleak mid-winter’ by Christina Rosetti. on which this is slightly based.