Supplies for the race

Each day we have need of supplies of fresh grace,
new problems confront us each lap of the race.
New problems can seem insurmountable, so
we’re tempted to feel God can’t help any more.

My work seems so useless, – is God yet my Guide?
That task is impossible – Satan’s implied.
He loves to discourage, bring words of despair,
and question the profit of trusting and prayer.

For though I’m a failure, to Christ I can come
for grace of forgiveness, and grace to press on.
So pray, and be willing for all he decides,
and trust, and keep walking by grace as he guides.

Keep living by grace, don’t let bitterness grow,
and care for you brethren who heaviness know;
for bitterness causes fault-finding and strife,
makes others discouraged in battles of life.
Tune: 11 11. 11 11 eg My Jesus I love Thee by E F Miller

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