on Isaiah chapters 56-66

on chapter 56
Everyone may taste salvation, –
gathered, blessed and honoured too
– all who bind themselves to serve him,
love and worship; will not do
evil, but what’s just and righteous,
hold his covenant, Sabbaths pure,
trusting in his perfect sacrifice,
his salvation, certain, sure.

Though the world despise, reject you,
your hearts are known, and God will bless you.

Watchmen loll, and dream, and sleep,
gorge and drink, don’t tend their sheep.

on chapter 57
Many are spared who are upright and righteous,
dying before the great trouble disasterous.

Mockers, rebelling, and following lies, –
idols pathetic: why do you despise
the One who in heaven is lofty and holy,
but also will live with the contrite and lowly?

He heals, creates praise, guides to comfort and peace;
but those who refuse won’t know rest or release.

on chapter 58
Demanding of the LORD, with show
of godliness and praise,
and grumbling that this God must owe
them better, though their ways
are as they please, with gestures merely,
not kindliness that costs them dearly.

Delighting in God’s worship, honour,
not idle talk at whim,
– then, when they call, the LORD will answer,
they’ll taste true joy in him.
Well satisfied, and blest Repairers
of damage, God-equipped Restorers

on chapter 58
If we fast, then he will bless us –
we’ll persuade him to be kind.”
“Are you generous, just, and thoughtful
to surrounding needs, or blind?”
If you’re one who loves and shares,
then you’ll know a God who cares.

What’s your attitude and pleasure
to the Sabbath, special day?
If you’re those who honour God,
now delight to serve, obey;
then his gift you will possess –
brightest jewel, joy in Christ.

What we are is what’s important, –
fully serving, for we own
life anew with obligations;
blessings of obedience known.
Chosen rituals cannot buy
grace for which Christ had to die.
Tune: 87 87 77 Gounod tune of ‘One there is  above all others’

on chapter 59
The arm of God is not too short,
his ear is never dull,
but sin a barrier builds, – admit
its implications full.

They’ve lips that mutter wicked things,
and hands that hurt and harm,
and plans that hatch out snakes with fangs,
spin clothes that cannot warm.

Acknowlege then how bad things are,
for he alone can come
and scorch out evil near and far,
bring praise for all he’s done.

All who repent he will redeem,
his arm brings great salvation,
his Spirit and his Word sustain
through every generation.

on chapter 60
The LORD with his loved ones, attracting from far
– bright light in the darkness – they come more and more
to serve to God’s glory. Salvation protects.
They praise the Almighty, he quickly perfects,
his people then splendid, the LORD is their light,
and sorrow is banished, – and all will be right.

But those who refuse this,
will be ruined, and lose this.

on chapter 61
Great blessings soon would be their lot
when they came home, returned
from lengthy stint in exile, but
for more than this they yearned.

This One would come, anointed, preaching
gracious message, gospel word;
and they would flourish, with rejoicing,
clothed with the righteousness of God.

As the soil makes seeds to germinate and grow,
so the Sovereign LORD himself makes praises flow,
and righteousness spring up on earth below.

Anointed for the greatest task, the best of news to preach –
of liberty, and comfort, cheer, the guilty’s full release;
of favour, joy, for those who feel their failure and their sin,
despair removed and praise inspired: all glory be to him.

All power to lift and bind up wounds, announce God’s day of wrath,
eternal grace for those who ask and know they’ve earned but death.
All power to give, provide, create, to plant strong, stable trees,
with righteous life, displaying grace of him they want to please.
Tune: DCM

on chapter 62
God wants his Zion splendid, glorious,
the Holy People, sought;
a crown in God’s right hand, and precious,
all those redeemed, and brought.

His love for Zion ardent, strong,
a husband’s love will long,
and perfect progress that matures,
to glory that endures.

The land no longer Desolate,
and we, as watchmen, pray,
and call, point many to the gate,
and clear and show the way.

especially v.7
I will not give Jehovah rest,
I cannot hold my peace
until his church, revived and blest
experiences increase,
and brings him praise throughout the earth –
a blazing torch to shine,
and show his righteousness and truth,
his saving grace divine.

Desire intense have I to see
no longer Desolate,
no more Deserted, made to be
a crown of splendid state;
and for her sake I will not keep
from praying, will not rest.
Come, clear the path, for crowds will seek
salvation, and be blest.

Tune:Kingsfold, Ellacombe

on chapter 63:1–6
Holy judgment, retribution,
righteous vengeance, vindication,
Day of God’s examination,
reckoning for every nation,
for misuse of life, protection –
(– wasted); malice and corruption,
rebellious life removed, poured out,
and then, redemption vast will last.

on chapter 63:7–15
History of love, rebellion,
but repentance and salvation,
Spirit giving rest, compassion.

on chapter 63:16 – 64:12
Prayer needs trust in God’s ability,
and contrition in sincerity,
prayer for mercy, and God’s honour,
with desire his might be shown,
and the glory of his grace
with his people, holy place;
living God now seen to do,
wonders  as of old, anew.
Prayer needs earnestness and labour,
clinging confidence, and vigour,
waiting for his righteous answer.

on chapter 65
God called to those who were not seekers.
Grace will cease to God-provokers,
but he sees those who are serving, –
remnant for the LORD are living.

But dried-up grapes within the cluster
will be destroyed – the luck they lust for –
gambling, fortune cannot last for
ever, destiny is in God’s hand,
God of truth who knows the end.

A new creation, no frustration,
God’s people then a joyful nation,
ever glad, with satisfaction,
living long with full provision
by a caring, heavenly Father –
the former things they won’t remember.

on chapter 66
‘I am great and rule the cosmos,
not confined to any place.
Does your spirit, contrite, humble,
at my awesome teaching tremble?

‘Outward form of love, if hiding
deafness to my words and will,
fear and harshness will be finding.’

For God’s church all will be well –
strength and comfort, peace, expansion –
new birth and many brought to serve,
worship in the new creation,
and the rebels’ end observe.

But for his glory, and in grace
he makes a people and a place,
restored, and sanctified – what bliss
– eternal perfect kingdom this!

on Isaiah chapters 49-55

on chapter 49
Servant called, equipped, prepared,
(showing splendour of the LORD)
to restore the remnant spared,
bring to Gentiles saving Word.

Shout for joy, rejoice with singing, –
freedom, pasture, shelter, light –
see what comfort he is bringing
in compassion at our plight.

Though by many scorned, forsaken,
by his Father he was raised;
and though Zion feels forgotten, –
on his hands they are engraved.

He’ll enlarge her population,
(civil war among her foes).
All mankind will see salvation
which the Mighty LORD bestows.

Isaiah 49:16 & Philippians 4:13,19
‘Look, behold I have engraved you
on my hands, upon my palms.
I, your Saviour and Redeemer
have you in my mighty arms.’

Safe, secure: we’re not deserted;
power, strength and wisdom too
in Christ Jesu’s glorious riches,
– ‘What I need to, I can do.’

on chapter 50
Sent away because of sinning, –
not cast off, – he calls you, – hear!
Wicked schemes recoil, the godly
trust and wait when trouble’s near.

But the Servant listens daily,
to obey, instruct and cheer;
willing for contempt and mockery,
which his Father helps him bear.

on chapter 51
From of old God’s helped his people,
those who seek him and believe,
making righteousness their purpose;
and they know they will receive
all the best that he has promised;
his words and law they love, revere.
His salvation is for ever,
scorn and insults do not fear,
though this earth wears out, his power
soon will free, they’ll no more cower;
his wrath will then be faced by those
tormentors: Oh, our Lord awake!
fulfil your word, your people shake!

The ransomed of the LORD are bound where
their joy and singing will be full,
no sadness, sorrow, sighing found there
in their heavenly home at all.

on chapter 52
Their captors had seized: God redeems, with no payment.
Wake up! shake your shackles, no further postponment,
freed from th’oppressor, – whose blasphemy’s stopped:
His people will know,
to the world he will show
he powerfully works, – out of slavery they go.

Good news: God reigns, salvation comes.
The LORD returns, his holy ones
he leads, and guards around.

His Servant he will raise,
and silenced kings will on him gaze,
startled at his awesome mission,
though hurt and marred beyond description.

How beautiful the feet which bring
good news of peace with God, the King;
and preachers gifted from above
are tokens of the Father’s love.

The harvest needs such labourers sent
by God, to teach men to repent,
and wield his Word, convict of sin,
and news of Jesus Christ to bring.

God’s people need to learn, and grow
in righteousness, God’s wisdom know;
be fed on Christ, the living Bread,
and in their Bible study led.

So pray that Christ his gifts will give,
equip his church to brightly live, –
shine forth with light to those around,
in love and purity abound.

on chapter 53
Quietly came the Servant ordained
for restoration and redemption
of God’s people, lost and maimed
by foolishness and lust’s deception.

Man of sorrows, man despised
was punished so that we’d have peace
– healed by his wounds, – the LORD afflicted
his precious servant he must pierce.

We all like sheep have gone astray,
and our iniquity God laid
on him, though we had lived our way:
the servant’s joy to see us saved!

on chapter 54
Though in decline, a weakened nation,
the time will come of great expansion, –
the LORD regenerating and creating,
such numbers in his laws delighting.
No more will he desert to chasten:
his love unfailing can’t be shaken.

His city built with strength and beauty
will know his peace, protection mighty;
and all who serve there know his training,
and righteousness: his church sustaining.

on chapter 55
So come, receive this great salvation.
All has been paid for full redemption.
Don’t waste wealth on what’s just deception,
and lose both life and satisfaction.

Hear, seek and quickly call, return,
forsake your foolish way, and learn,
accept his will, and ask for pardon,
for he is mighty, and with wisdom
he speaks and works his will and judgement:
his promises are joy abundant.

The nations come to see the splendour,
and witness of his gospel wonder.

Covenant eternal – if you want to live –
listen – God will freely endless kindness give:
satisfying water, soul–reviving wine,
milk and food sustaining rich new life sublime.

Wicked thoughts and actions – scorn and leave them all.
Seek the Lord, receive him, turn to him and call.
Mercy and free pardon, feast of joy and peace,
life abundant, – heaven soon brings full release.

God is greater, wiser, and his thoughts and ways
far excel his children’s, causing fear and praise;
and he will accomplish all his good desire:
purposes eternal we will soon admire.

All his Words are precious, powerful and pure.
Only he can give you Life that will endure.
Everyone who’s thirsty, empty, tired, lost –
all you truly need is offered at no cost.
Tune: 65.65. D eg Goshen

on Isaiah chs 40-48

notes on chapters 1-39 already in ‘on Isaiah’ archive

on chapter 40
Looking forward, well ahead,
through the time of trial, dread,
when the chastisement is past,
joy and gladness full at last.

Prepare for his reviving power,
his rule, his tender care; the hour
of his appearing now draws near:
speak, may his people comfort hear!

Do not complain that he neglects
to care, – for he protects
and strengthens, sees, is wise.

Don’t listen to depressing  lies;
for those who hope in him, go on
refreshed, although the way be long.

on chapter 40:1,2
Speak out to my people, and help them to see
their hardships will end soon, whatever they be;
God’s church is protected, and nothing can thwart
his purpose, and certain your hope and support.

Give word of his gospel to hearts all around:
that Christ paid the penalty, grace can abound
for all who come for it, the comfort is great,
to those who are weary, but trustfully wait.

If sins were all counted, their sum would be vast:
Christ’s ransom’s sufficient  – immeasurable cost,
and all who repent have a cup running over
of blessings sufficient and constant for ever.
Tune: 11 11 11 11 eg Montgomery by J Stanley
(tune of ‘How firm a foundation)

on chapter 41
For from the east in coming days
the Lord would Cyrus raise.
He now foretold this – such displays
of knowledge should amaze.

This eastern king drove from the north,
conquering all, but then
Israel he released, sent forth
back to their land again.

All who acknowlege their poverty and need,
into beauty and peace, into comfort he’ll lead;
fearsome attacks on the Lord they will be crush
(the mountains to powder), and  when they are freed
they will glory, rejoice in the strength of the LORD.

on chapter 42:1–17
My chosen servant now behold;
he is my joy, whom I uphold.
My Spirit on to him I place,
and send him bringing truth and grace.

He’ll bring true justice to the world,
but will not shout his glorious Word;
he’ll gently, firmly do my will,
and faithfully my plans fulfil.

He will not break a bruisèd reed,
nor snuff the smould’ring wick, he’ll feed
its struggling flame, and fan, to bring
each faltering saint to strength in him.

Thus says the true Creator God:
‘In righteousness have I, the LORD,
now called you, Christ, and I will lead
you on, and meet your every need.

‘I grasp your hand, and guard you well,
my works to do, my words to tell,
and be the Mediator of
my covenant of grace and love.

‘And you will bring the nations light;
to blinded eyes imparting sight;
releasing captives from their sin:
good news, life-giving power you’ll bring.’

All people everywhere sing praise;
he triumphs over enemies, –
awaited time arrives, and see
he rescues form captivity!

on vv.18–25
But Israel were blind, inattentive, and deaf,
unable to serve, bring his words to the earth,
refusing admonishment, scorning his law,
though handed to plunderers, the looting of war,
they still did not take it to heart, –
they sinned on and on to their hurt:
will any pay heed, let attentiveness start?

on chapter 43
The people of God pass through fire and flood,
but he is their Saviour, he’s with them for good.
He blots out transgressions, they’re precious, beloved,
– his witness on earth that he only is God.
He formed, and will save them to tell out his praise,
but many don’t pray. – Are they weary of grace?
So preciously loved, omnipotent Guard,
but when they reject him, their way will be hard.

The trials may heap on us – when will they cease?
Their strength can quite suddenly roar and increase.
The faithless don’t wonder, – just grumble and moan;
but saints are perplexed at the pain they have known.

‘Fear not, I’ve redeemed you, I’ve called you by name.
My purpose and mercy are always the same.’

He says that his people will pass through the fire,
the waters that seem to rise higher and higher.
He knows what he purposes for his redeemed,
and makes no mistakes, for they must be refined.

For those whom he’s chosen and brought to new life
are precious to him, and they must live by faith,
he’s loved them and called them, and when they must die,
they’ll come through with Jesus to glory on high.

Your God will be with you – he knows where you go.
What others are bearing we don’t always know.
The force of the storm cannot wrench from his love,
nor damage your future in glory above.
Tune: 11 11 11 11 + (chorus 65 65)
eg Gweddiwch Drosom (Ora Pro Nobis)
by Arfon Williams, Llanrug

on chapter 44
His Spirit on the parched he’ll pour,
– glad to belong to him.
Like morning mist that is no more,
he’s swept away our sin.

The LORD, unique, is first and last,
the living God alone.
He knows the future and the past –
the Rock: he’s matched by none.

Some trust an idol or idea
– like eating ashes dry –
deluded heart won’t own its dear
trust’s just a worthless lie.

The LORD alone made everything,
their towns he will rebuild –
by  raising Cyrus, shepherd-king:
God’s word foretold, fulfilled.

on chapter 45
God’s purpose is for righteousness
to come upon the earth,
salvation, peace, and blessedness
are by the LORD brought forth.

The Governor of all the lands
will open up the way
for Cyrus to release their bonds
on the appointed day.

He may not always show his hand,
– we do not like delays  –,
the LORD fulfils what he has planned:
we’ll overflow with praise.

Turn to him and be saved, each one,
all people, everywhere.
This only God we serve, and own, –
his righteousness we share!

on chapter 46
All idols must be carried, for
an idol cannot move.
It can’t (though worshipped, taken far),
itself, nor others, save.

“Oh, Israel, I am he that can
to old age rescue you,
for I have made you, I’ll sustain,
and carry, hold you through.”

on chapter 47 The fall of Babylon
From royalty to poverty
– assumed inviolability,
and lounging in security,

without due thought, concern.

For Babylon thought none could be
compared to her, but suddenly
came troubles they could not foresee

despite their sorcery.

Their ‘wisdom’, counsel will mislead,
can’t conjure up the help they need,
they trust in wickedness indeed,

(– astrologers’ vain words).

They showed no mercy to the old,
and God will crush them – here foretold;
but our Redeemer is the LORD

almighty, Holy One.

on chapter 48
Israel had been shown
who is in control.
Prophecy they’d known,
now should heed well all

the LORD now says.

Instructed lovingly,
what peace they would have known,
and in prosperity,
and righteousness have grown

( – the wicked have no peace).

Wrath delayed, held back,
love refines, and yearns;
soon God’s chosen flock
leaves, with joy returns!

in sovereign care!

Isaiah chapter 1-39

on chapter 1
Ingratitude – they grace abuse,
and, laden down with guilt,
corruption and injustice choose:
his discipline they’ve felt.

He has no pleasure in their gifts,
assemblies, feasts and prayer.
Their motives, thoughts, he sees and sifts –
pretence he cannot bear.

“Stop doing wrong! Willing to learn,
clean up your lives, be just
receive his mercy, and return,
sins pardoned as you trust.

“I’ll bleach your sins, and purge your dross,
– you’ll ‘Faithful’ be again,
filled, satisfied, – I’ll richly bless;
– ‘Gomorrah’ will be gone.

But rebels, like autumnal trees
will fade, – their strength like tinder,
their work a spark, and so, with ease
the fire devours their splendour.

on chapter 2
But soon there’ll be a day we’ll see
the nations coming, full
of worship, praise, unitedly,
God’s laws beloved by all –
in every land they’ll live in peace,
draw near before his throne,
delight to follow, strife will cease –
Oh may that day come soon!

But many now his ways forsake,
and follow superstition;
secure with wealth, they idols make
to be their trusted portion.

But on that day he will return,
– his foes will wish him far.
They’ll flee his majesty, and spurn
their useless idols, for
the lofty proud, and strong defence,
and commerce, with dismay
will see the end of all pretence:
the LORD Almighty’s day!

on chapter 3 – 4:1
Parading their sins, and defying his presence:
their leaders oppressing, and women who flirt.
The Lord will remove all their finery, fragrance.
Jerusalem staggers, for gone their support, –
supplies are cut off, and of skills they’ll be short:
the nation has no-one to lead the land, lift.
And  women bejewelled will soon be bereft –
so many men dead, and so few will be left.

But still there’ll be blessing for those who are righteous,
enjoying the fruit, of their deeds, faithful, precious.

on chapter.4:2-6
But the Branch of the LORD on that day in the land
will be beautiful, glorious,
(good fruit will abound).
The LORD makes a shelter. He shades
– he has pledged
to protect all the righteous,
the holy, the purged.

on chapter 5:1-7
A song for the One
whom I love and extoll:
my Loved One has done
so much and in full, –
creating, securing
his vineyard, to grow
good fruit to delight in,
his values to show.

How gladly he laboured. But then, oh so sad –
its crop was distasteful, rebellious and bad.

No harvest to reap:
the LORD would withdraw,
and no longer keep
its hedge any more.

vv. 8 – 25
Woe! woe! woe! when will they see
the end of lust and greed will be
just desolation, poverty?
And pleasure-hunting constantly
with no regard for God, the Lord,
his mighty work and clear Word,
will lead to exile, death and loss,
to be brought low to humbleness.
And woe to those who feel so wise
and clever, but have shaded eyes,
rejecting truth, the holy law; –
– as tongues of fire lick up the straw,
their blossoms scatter, roots decay:
the LORD calls judgement down one day.

vv. 18-30
Drawing in wickedness
by cords of deceit,
ropeing in sinfulness,
and calling it sweet.
Speaking of evil
as if it were good –
the work of the devil
to lie of the Lord.

Slandering goodness as something unclean;
taunting that God is not outworking his plan.
Though he may wait awhile, his whistle brings swift
instant authority and judgements that sift.

on chapter 6
The King had died, but vision’s eyes
see One who rules the earth and skies
exalted, on his throne, extolled.
The earth is with his glory filled.
‘He’s holy, holy …’; doorposts shook,
Isaiah cried, the seraph took
a coal from on the altar, and
it touched his lips: his sin atoned.
‘ … and holy’, but this LORD of grace
can sinners cleanse, and use, embrace:
Isaiah volunteered to serve:
commissioned, warned he would observe
the people, calloused, hear in vain
’til exiled. ‘Stump–seed’ would remain.

on chapter 7
King and people shaken – threat
from two joined enemies, upset,
afraid, to prayer they don’t incline.
The Lord though reassures – a sign
he offers – such do not demand
but to refuse it from his hand
was not polite or wise – he gave
a sign for then – from this he’d save, –
and later on from sin by One
who truly was ‘God with us’, Son;
– but first a judgement time would come.

on chapter 8
Take heart, – just as he said, the threat
will be extinguished, but take heed:
the kingdom flooding them will yet
then overflow, sweep through, at speed,
your land up to your neck. War planned
against God’s people will not stand.
Don’t dread these threats, but fear him,
the holy One to shelter in;
but those who turn far from his law,
will stumble, trip, be saved no more.

‘Don’t hide your face: your Word my guide.
I trust and have no fear beside.’

on chapter 9–10:4
The land that bore Assyrian plunder
will one day joy to see a Light,
as when emerging with great wonder
from war, and shadow, gloomy night.

A child, a King, just and eternal,
with peace, – how wonderful his counsel!
it’s God himself, whose reign brings dawning,
end of distress, a ‘harvest-morning’.

But Israel, northern kingdom, will
first know much trouble for they still
are wicked, proud and selfish, led
by leaders who have lied, misled.

The LORD was angry and his hand
still judged – the land had not returned.

on chapter 10:5–34
Assyrian pride in strength and skill:
misplaced: they’re sent and wielded well
and used for chastisement, by God;
– and they in turn will feel his rod
or whip, he’ll lop their lofty boughs:
consumed, – God’s anger they arouse.

Israel’s remnant then will learn,
a remnant only will return
– rely once more upon the LORD
– not nations who don’t keep their word!

Assyria – the tyrant’s end (Nahum and Isaiah 10:5-20)
He proudly plunders, plucking out
the eggs from undefended nests,
with haughty pride and boasting shout
– believes his strength brought these conquests.
He thinks he’s powerful and all-wise:
One greater far his strength supplies.

The mighty One who raised this rod,
afflicting those who scorned his Word,
will show who is the sovereign God,
– the plunderers have now incurred
his wrath for lies and cruelty:
they’ll lose their proud prosperity.

The wielded weapon wastes away, –
its strength struck, sapped; its splendour slain.
The Holy One will have his Day –
the weeds consumed, the farms aflame:
and no-one mourns this passing, all
rejoice to see the tyrant fall.
Tune: 88 88 88

on chapter 11
A banner for the royal Root –
from Jesse’s stump, a fruitful shoot:
filled with the Spirit of the LORD,
true wisdom, counsel, power outpoured;
not limited to what he sees
and hears, but righteously he leads.

Drawn to him out of many lands;
and Israel, Judah, friends, join hands
to serve his purposes, subdue
rebelliousness.  He’ll smooth the way
for their return upon that day.

on chapter 12
All praise to you, O LORD, for grace
and comfort, – you have turned
your anger which was justified,
yourself bore wrath I’d earned.

No longer will I be afraid,
but trust: the LORD my song,
grace from salvation’s wells I draw
sustaining all day long.

We must proclaim throughout the world,
he’s saved and met our needs.
Together sing with joyfulness,
our Saviour’s glorious deeds.

Our God is great, exalted LORD,
and  with us evermore,
and on the Holy One we call,
our thanks and praise will pour.

on Isaiah chapter 12
Day of praise – the LORD exalted
had been angry with my sin;
but that judgment has been halted
– borne by Jesus, I begin
to taste comfort, peace divine, –
God, and his salvation, mine.

Day of joy for faithful covenant,
LORD you are your people’s song.
From your wells we draw refreshment,
strengthened as we walk along,
praising, thankful, as we call,
trusting, unafraid through all.

Day of grace and exultation,
making known what God has done.
Praise his name to every nation –
glorious victory of the Son.
Holy Spirit great within, –
irrepressibly we sing.
Tune: 87 87 77 eg Gounod  or  Ottawa

re Babylon, Assyria, and Philistia
on chapters 13 &14
When you see men wielding power,
doing evil, vile, – remember
how God overthrew Gomorrah, –
so his day will come, they’ll shudder
as he deals in righteous anger:
they too will experience terror.

Babylon (when conquering, vain),
will be conquered in her turn.
Glittering glory, people’s pride:
but her fame will die, subside.
He who shook the earth and made the
kingdoms tremble, now is gone
(unknown corpse ) – there’s joyful singing,
at the loss of such a one.
Shake, and ponder, you oppressors –
only One will reign that day,
but there’s refuge for his people, –
and for all who with them stay.

re Moab
chapters 15&16
Moab proud, like many, cocky,
but the prophet pity feels
as he knows and sees her ruin,
counsels them to send appeals
to the people of the prophet,
to the people of the Lord; –
to the Lord himself submitting,
coming King of faithful word.

Joy and gladness go, and wailing
comes; Isaiah grieves and weeps
at the waste, and idol-praying:
withering loss their boasting reaps.

re Damascus, Israel, and Cush
chapters 17&18
Syria’s prosperity, Israel’s abundance
destroyed but for gleanings.

A few learn dependence,
and truly will look to their Maker, Redeemer,
not trusting in incense, false trust and obeisance.

But Israel forget him, their Rock and their Saviour:
they’re busy, not seeking his will and his favour.

Mighty enemies like sea–storms,
roaring, raging, but One greater
can rebuke and send them flying,
blown away like rolling litter.

People far away will notice
well-timed actions of the Lord:
nations strong bring gifts to Zion,
honouring Almighty God.

re Egypt
chapter 19
Civil war and vain consulting –
false religion – no relief;
oppression, lack of rain and earnings,
foolish counsel brings but grief;
– but the day will then be coming
when Egyptians learn to fear,
and revere the Lord almighty,
cry for help and find him near.
Near to save and heal, and they will
worship, serve the Lord they know;
– joined with Israel and Assyria
– blessing for the world will flow.

re Egypt and Cush
chapter 20
Vain to grasp and put reliance
on what now appears strong
but will fail, its independence
doomed to fall before too long.

re Babylon, Edom and Arabia
chapter 21
A dire vision, – Isaiah amazed, overcome,
but Babylon not preparing for danger:
she will be seen to fall,
her idols shattered.
And Edom suffers long,
and even nearby nomads fear.
The glory of these many nations,
will be but passing celebrations.

chapter 22
Vain jubilation,
instead of repentance.
Disaster looms again, but unprepared,
bustling activity, but no prayer;
premature celebration,
instead of soul-searching,
and blessing-searching,
remembring their Sovereign Protector.
Sheba seeking prominence,
dismissed, hurled away.
Eliakim to replace him,
having caring authority:
don’t let your family lean
on your position.

re Tyre
chapter 23
Destruction of Tyre, –
source of wealth throughout the region,
but pride had led them to corruption,
The LORD reveals he’ll bring pride low.
But when restored, though still inclining
to commerce for her own rich living,
the gathered wealth that is collected
to doing good will be directed.

re All the earth
chapter 24
But – throughout the world, rebellion,
disobedience of known truth.
Here he says there will be judgement
one day over all the earth:
religious leaders, masters, servants,
high financiers, and the poor:
withering joy, disaster, wasteland,
guilt now clear, excused no more.

Rebellious kings and angels herded, they,
imprisoned, will await their judgement day.

But some exclaim, with joy, relief,
from West to East acclaim the LORD
through all the islands – though still grief
until his glorious reign’s restored.

on chapter 25
O LORD, I would exalt and praise,
and raise your name up high;
upon your plans fulfilled I gaze,
and future sure supply.
My God has done such marvellous things
in perfect faithfulness:
my heart of justice, mercy sings –
his grace and righteousness.

Defences crushed and cities down,
to be rebuilt no more.
Strong people bring to God renown,
and ruthless men revere.
You quench the cruelty and heat, –
a shadow covers, quells
– and many clever schemes defeat,
proud revelling God stills.

The poor found refuge in distress;
a feast you now prepare:
from far and wide they’ll come for grace,
and death will disappear.
The Sovereign LORD will wipe away
all ignorance and tears.
We wait – for on his judgement day
salvation we will share.
Tune: CMD eg Satisfaction by J McGranahan

on chapter 26:1–27:6
The people of God have a song
– by faith we have come to this place
– salvation, impregnably strong.
O LORD, we delight in your grace!

He’ll keep them in peace, perfect peace,
who steadfastly trust in the LORD.
He smooths out their paths, and they cease
to fret, waiting, sure of his Word.

The wicked regard not, nor learn
God’s majesty, laws, and his care.
Affliction should cause us to turn,
approach him and whisper our prayer.

His vineyard will flourish, bear fruit.
He watches and guards every day ,
and thorns who make peace are not burnt.                    .
Powers cunning, and sly he will slay.

The vine will spread out through the earth,
be firmly established, take root;
will bud, and will blossom, break forth:
the world will be filled with good fruit!
Tune: 88 88 eg Celeste (tune of ‘How good is the God we adore’)

v.3 & Ps.108:1, 112:7
My heart is steadfast, O my God,
in you my constant trust.
I have no fear, but peace,
– my God is faithful, loving, just.

My heart is steadfast, O my God,
and fixed to praise your name.
I must stir up my soul, my God,
to sing and tell your fame.

My heart is steadfast, O my God,
I’ll use my gifts in praise.
Immeasurable love: my God
make known your glorious ways!

My heart is steadfast, O my God,
I would be loving, just.
Forgive, and cleanse me, in my God
I would abide and trust.

on chapter 27:6–13
Tender repeated chastisement
idolatry must be cast out.

See desolation:
strong city’s rejection,
of God’s revelation,
has lost his compassion, –
it’s withered.

The LORD will bring his people – he knows each one,
he’ll seek out, search out, gather them round his throne.
Those near,  those far will come to him.
God’s church together their worship will bring:
the goal and the purpose of all that has been,
in the dealings of God through all time.

on chapter 28
Ephraim is spoiled by drunkenness,
and drunken priests speak muddleness –
in futile hopes and lies they hide,
God’s teaching and his rest deride.

Ephraim will fade, be swept away,
cast down by conquest on God’s day;
but to his remnant grace is shown:
he is their wisdom, strength and crown,

And Zion’s cornerstone will hold:
his firm foundation, he has told
is Christ; and those in him who trust
are not dismayed, afraid, but blest.

Inadequate their own device, –
alliances will not suffice,
to save from terror that comes near;
their scoffing they should cease, and hear.

But like a farmer, God can till,
instruct, and punish, teaching well.
He’s wonderful in counsel, and
magnificent in wisdom grand.

on chapter 29
Jerusalem too will be humbled in dust,
but later their foes will find out to their cost,
God comes, and they waken to victory lost; –
Jerusalem listen! – why don’t you care less?
You worship with mouths, and not hearts, and won’t heed.
Like people who’re holding God’s Word but can’t read.
Men’s wisdom is nothing if lacking God’s truth.
Our ‘Potter’ knows all of the deep schemes on earth.

A day of God’s glory and power there will be:
the deaf will then hear truth, and blind eyes will see,
the wayward and wingers will learn reverently,
the humble rejoice in the LORD; those who jeer –
the ruthless oppressors unjust – disappear.

on Matthew 15:8,9  Isaiah 29:13
Lips that raise
words of praise:
not expression
of emotion,
will, devotion:
and deception
of empty heart, –
thoughts far apart
from submission
to God’s Word –

invented rules
distract, confuse
from revelation,
God’s direction.

True worship stirred
when God’s salvation
brings transformation, –
heart returns
to him, and burns
with love, committment,
and words of praise are meant.

on chapter 29:15 & chapter 30
How foolish to try to deceive
the LORD of your plans – this brings woe.
The obstinate carry them out
– dont ask him his guidance to know.

Plans coming to grief,
can’t bring you relief.

You trust one who Nothing can Do –
God longs to be gracious to you.

False confidence crashes, will crack.
and fails you when under attack.
In quietness, trust is your strength,
repentance and rest your salvation.

God’s people rejoice:
his conquering voice

brings judgement and glorious redemption.

on Isaiah 30:9–13,15,19
They say to all the seers,
‘See no more,
but give a word that cheers,
don’t preach God’s law.’
Say pleasant things, illusions,
for we prefer confusions.’
And they the Lord’s instructions
neglect, abhor.

For when confronted by
the holy Lord,
these fools prefer a lie
to truthful Word;
but all who trust deception,
and practise mean oppression,
build lives with no foundation:
they’ll soon be floored.

In quietness and trust,
your strength will come.
The Lord is truly just
to everyone.
He longs, loves to be gracious,
and hears your cry, ‘Please help us.’
Turn to repent, he’ll bless us;
safe in his Son.
(can be sung to Builth by David Jenkins – 52 Grace Hymns)

on chapter 31
Why wait for Egypt to fail?
Why wait to throw away
the idols of no avail?
Return to him and pray –
the Holy One of justice,
the gracious God of promise.

on chapter 32
Kingdom of righteousness:
shelter, provision,
folly no longer admired,
the schemes of the scoundrels exposed.

Complacency needs to awake and believe,
for times of great trouble will come;
until God, the Spirit, is poured from on high,
and the desert will flourish once more,
and righteousness, justice and peace,
bring quietness, confidence, rest
and labour that’s happy and blessed.

on chapter 33
The destroyer will be destroyed.
The betrayer will be betrayed.

When God, the LORD arises,
terror and trembling grips.
Consuming fire chastises.
Is prayer upon your lips?
The righteous are established,
forgiven, war is gone;
the enemies are vanquished.
The LORD is on the throne.

on chapter 34
Day of judgement, day of wrath,
righteous vengeance on the earth
by the holy Maker, Judge
who can neither change or fudge
definitions of what’s right,
and omniscient his sight,
– seeing those who chose to hate,
their land will be desolate,
– handed to the owls and weeds.

Take note, whoever scripture reads.

on chapter 35
Your trembling steadied to progress in faith,
encouraged and strengthened, – our God will come forth –
creation will blossom, and defects put right –
movement and singing, hearing and sight.
His glory and splendour will act and be seen,
dealing with evil, he’ll come to redeem,
the ransomed returning to Zion along
the Way of his holiness, joyful in song.

on chapter 36 (Sennacherib threatens Jerusalem)
Weak the helpers Judah seeks –
splintered reeds – the envoy speaks
to unsettle, frighten, mock:
faith in God he tries to rock,
glad their weakness to expose,
and their hopes in grace confuse;
lying, that if they surrender,
they will then be happier, richer.

on chapter 37
Hezekiah too had fear,
but went to seek the LORD,
and asked Isaiah too to pray.
God sent his gracious Word.
(The LORD had heard the insults all,
the voice uplifted, proud.)

The king could not give victory birth, –
turned to the LORD. God vowed
he’d save, – the challenger he’d send
away to an inglorious end.

on chapter 38 (Hezekiah’s illness)
Fervent prayer in full submission,
longings for more time for praise,
justified, and full devotion,
walking in God’s will and ways.

As he saw his tent, life’s weaving,
taken down, rolled up, cut short,
God gave sign of life’s extending.
Through distress, the LORD had taught.

on chapter 39
Dependent on our LORD, apply
his wisdom at each twist,
with prayer that wisdom he supply,
for devious plots exist.

Men came with flattery: the king
in pride showed indiscretion,
he was not wise,  and did not pray
discernment and perception.

When Babylon returns, they’ll plunder,
enslave, the kingdom tear asunder.