Two old people

Acknowledged just, and to his God
devoted, – Spirit holy
upon him – in his heart indwelling
(communing, teaching, and compelling);

so for Messiah’s coming waiting:
fulfilling occupation of all his latter days.

Anna, serving night and day,
gave her final years to pray;
saw and told of Mary’s son:
longed-for Saviour now had come.

Which girl?

Ecclesiastes 7:26; Proverbs 5:3-5; 12:4; 31:10,26,30 etc.
An oily tongue,
a trap is sprung,
and chains take hold:
a sad tale told,
of hopes destroyed,
ambitions void.

Tongue wise and kind,
from godly mind
by God’s Word taught
to help, support:
no shame, much praise,
and joyful days.