The 10 Commandments

Deuteronomy 5:22
Proclaimed by God in a voice so loud
to the whole assembly there, –
on the mountain out of the fire and cloud
and he added nothing more.
Mighty LORD their God who brought them out,
out of Egypt’s slavery:
He is holy, holy, holy and he gives
perfect law of liberty.

This almighty God – has he rescued me
from the slavery of sin?
As I live each day, breathe and talk & see
do I praise creation’s King?

LORD, Jehovah God, true and infinite, –
whose position is supreme.
Who can stand before all his glory bright?
Jesus Christ came to redeem.

No deserving of such a plan of grace,
bringing mercy to mankind,
If he had not shown us his holiness,
to our plight we would be blind.

We have broken all these commandments ten –
they reveal our hearts’ deep sins.
Jesus Christ has kept every one of them, –
and redemptive grace he brings.

So through faith in Christ, gift of righteousness
comes to all who will believe.
be convicted of your foolishness,
fear him and grace receive.

Tune: 10 7 10 7+ eg Grace Divine by W H Doane

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