Romans 8

Romans 8:1-17
No condemnation,
no domination:
we’re free from rule by sin and death.
– Christ Jesus, the sin-offering,
release came through his suffering,
his Spirit bringing Life, new birth.

God’s law, which could not save us,
we love, it now delights us,
and by his Spirit we obey.
Though foolishly we stumble,
and slip, and trip, and tumble,
we now walk on his righteous way.

Perfect Sacrifice

Hebrews 10:1-18
His body broken in my stead,
obedient body’s blood was shed:
his righteousness and blood could pay
my debt – in death and sin I lay.

So thank the Father, for he spared
incarnate perfect Son – prepared
and punished, thus he could forgive,
– make dead and foolish sinners live.

And now my mind accepts his laws,
my heart rejoices and adores.
My lawless acts he’s put away
far from his mind and heart, to stay.

The Son sat down, he’s paid the price.
I’m perfect by his sacrifice.
He sanctifies me on the way
by pruning, teaching day by day.