on Psalm 119

Who but fools
ignore the rules
the Maker chose.
(He knows
these rules are wise.)
We prove
and prize
them, love
their every part.
Real comfort,
joy of heart
within the boundaries of his law
– no dreary chore:
but satisfying ways,
upwelling praise
of him who taught me,
whose mercy caught me.

No life ‘confined’,
– our health of mind,
and body, benefit,
in doing things righteous:
such duties delight us.

Christ paid;
my judgement laid
upon him,
suffered for my sake.
When I repented
(– real, not fake),
forgiveness granted,
and thankful liberty now felt.
Unfettered by infertile guilt,
nor sterile faint remorse:
the attractive force
of sin repelled,
and quelled;
– my will, desire,
have been created new,
igniting energy
for living by his statutes true.
My mind, my feet may wander:

Curtail, impress, and draw me back,
and nothing will I lack,
no blame
– peace, happiness, no shame,
and braced, prepared
for life’s complexity,
applying ways of purity.

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