Romans 7

Romans 7
Defeated often, wretched, sad.
How can I conquer sin, be glad?
God’s law is my delight.
Thanks be to God, there is a way,
for Christ will glorify one day,
receive me into Light.

He strengthens, teaches, sanctifies,
and though my spirit often sighs,
I am regenerate.
So I must persevere and pray
for power to conquer, walk his way,
my Father supplicate.

We must be importunate when
we feel defeated by our sin,
– grace for our time of need:
‘Come, fill me with your Spirit, Lord,
and teach my by your holy Word’,
my Saviour’s name I plead.

So mortify, make battle on
the sinful nature’s deeds so wrong:
we need not sin obey.
With Christ we’re resurrected, so
in grace and knowledge we may grow;
we do enjoy his way.
Tune: 886 886 eg Buddugoliaeth by G W Hughes

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