The call of Wisdom

Proverbs 1:20,22,23,32,33; 3:13,14 & Jas.4:8
Wisdom calls for all to hear, –
precious warnings loud and clear.
Would you rather turn away, –
follow folly day by day?

Foolish friends will draw you on,
try to carry you along.
Word of God alone is true:
listen! for it calls to you.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
full of wisdom, living Word;
Prophet who reveals God’s truth;
Guide and Counsellor of youth.

Wisdom’s Source, before all time,
with the Father, and divine.
See his power and skill displayed
in the wonders God has made.

Greatest wonder, gracious plan:
truth incarnate saving man.
Jesus Christ was crucified:
Life in him, the Lamb who died.

Wisdom calls and offers grace,
loudly calls in every place.
Do you hear Christ? Will you heed?
One day he’ll no longer plead.

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