Draw near, and pray

Man can come to God almighty,
draw near and pray;
holy God of love and pity,
draw near and pray;
caring God, not weak or distant,
God of grace, though so important,
calling all to come, repentant,
draw near and pray.

He’s the God who made and formed me,
how dare I come?
he’s the God who now sustains me,
how dare I come?
All my strength and power is weakness,
infinite his glorious greatness,
for his presence I’ve no fitness,
how dare I come?

Christ is worthy of all favour
worthy to pray.
Those receiving him by faith are
welcomed to pray.
Jesus is the way to heaven,
all who love him are forgiven,
we can come to him as bidden,
draw near and pray.

Abraham, and Moses, Daniel,
drew near and prayed.
David, Solomon, Ezekiel,
drew near and prayed.
So with fear, and awe, amazement,
humbly, trustingly, repentant,
benefit from grace abundant, –
draw near and pray.
Tune: Ar hyd y nos

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