and for children

The Pharisee told God , ‘I’m glad I’m very good indeed.’
He didn’t ask for anything – he thought he had no need.
The other man was sorry-sad, and knew he had been bad.
He prayed for mercy, God forgave, and he was truly glad.
Never boast, or lie, but pray.
God knows how you’ve been today.
Ask, and he will gladly give,
– he will help you and forgive.

(Luke 11:5–8)
If to a friend at midnight
you went to ask for bread, –
‘Another friend has come to stay,
and I’ve no food,’ you said.

Although a friend, he would not
get out of bed, unless
he knew you had an urgent need, –
for help he heard you press.

And will not God, the Father,
if he’s your Friend indeed,
be pleased to hear you earnestly
pray for the help you need?
Tune 76 86  ‘We love the wonderful stories’ (Scottish folk tune)      arr W H Hamilton

and for children

He glances through the galaxy,
he scans me through and through.
He watches fishes in the sea,
and calls to me and you
to learn his ways,
and sing his praise,
and tell him of our fears.
Although he knows,
he helps all those
who pray and ask, – he hears.

He sees through all the dark of night,
and through the fog and haze.
No danger’s hidden from his sight,
no secret from his gaze.
Our need he knows,
so let’s be those
who tell him of our fears,
and always pray
his help all day
– he watches and, he hears.
Tune: CM+ God Sees by S W Straub

and for children

(Job chapters 38–41)
Could you fish a crocodile,
or hook a dinosaur?
tell a shark to ‘wait awhile’,
and shake a lion’s paw?

Have you told the sun to rise,
explored through all the earth,
flown through space to check the skies,
watched mountain goats give birth?

Can you care for, and protect
the birds, and find their food?
Show me how you would direct
the thunder, for our good.

Can you talk to leopards wild,
tame rhinos, put a lead
on a cheetah for a child –
a pet of super speed! – ?

No! you’re not as strong as God:
the King who understands
all that happens in our world,
and rules with kind commands.

Do you ever grumble, whine, –
and pester, sulk or moan,
feeling bored most of the time,
for nothing’s really fun?

Friends can let you down, – who cares?
who’s always near by?
and loves to help and answer prayers,
and never tells a lie?

and for children

Look! and see how beautiful
is every flower you’ve found,
and how complicated are
the insects in the ground.
Someone very clever
made the things we see around:
He is our Teacher for ever.

No BANG! nor luck, could ever make a snail;
A BANG! and luck, could not design a whale;
and a billion years weren’t needed –
God had made his plan:

He is our Teacher for ever.

Tune: Marching through Georgia


(Romans 1:20 1 Timothy 6:20)
I look at a flower or feather,
I look at the fish in the seas:
my heart says there’s Someone far greater –
Designer, Creator of these.

I look at a small protozoa,
I look at an animal’s brain:
I’m filled with amazement and wonder –
such intricate detail again!

Examining cellular structure,
activity under control,
a complex molecular picture –
our minds can’t encompass it all.

I look at the laws of statistics,
and cannot see ‘chance’ as the cause;
I notice that thermodynamics
defines two significant laws.

The rocks and the fossils I ponder,
and look at the stars in the skies:
those people who don’t want a Ruler,
inadequate theories devise.

Great changes there’ve been, devolution,
catastrophe, change that was vast
of climate and fossilization,
and that in the quite recent past.

Some theories demand many aeons,
presumptions, much data  ignored;
we weren’t there to make observations:
test both what they say, and God’s Word.

There’s nothing to contradict Scripture, –
the words of the God who was there;
the studies of science and nature
his power and justice declare.

I’m filled with amazement and wonder,
for all is so complex and grand.
There’s nothing to contradict Scripture –
creation was skilfully planned.