The Great Delusion

“Everyone believes it! – it must be true!”
“Scientists have proven it!”
– No!, that they cannot do!
some may feel that it fits quite well,
and quite determined now to tell
you that it must be so,
– “the missing facts we soon will know” –
they say.
But many know the evidence,
fits very well, and makes good sense,
with words of God that he made all,
but then withdrew some good control,
when people he’d created chose
to live rejecting his good laws.
There now will one day have to be
removal of all wickedness,
and then his skill supreme we’ll see,
as all is healed, works perfectly.

So, what’s concluded, who’s deluded?
Their theory makes no demands,
[– keep fit, no morals, no commands],
– an easier life? but is it true?
God says we all are in his view,
and he’s amazed, amused, and sad,
that many think that he is bad    ,
– in kindness, he will urge, provide,
and welcomes all who will decide
to search him out, and swallow pride.

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