What’s the odds

Was it really by some luck
from a mixed and murky muck
of chemical soup,
that these sequences specific
of multiple atomic
precise, complex arrangements
somehow stuck?

able to initiate
molecular constructions
which twisted and consisted
in contortions,
that protected, and reacted
for energy production,
survival, respiration,
with nanosized machinery
to preserve, repair
from the wear and tear
on polymers delicate and intricate – ?

It must have been
an infinite string
of unlikely and co-incident,
colossal and incredible
strokes of luck improbable
again, again, again, again … … … ?

Or a genius skill
and supernatural will
with power to combine
what would otherwise decline,
imagined and designed,
and could gather, build and bind
bring together
all at once
this awesome architecture,
of the structure and the business
of the chemistry
of life?

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