The Evolutionary-creation Myths

There once was a myth that mutations
could create DNA permutations
of life systems viable
beautiful, reliable:
they corrupt, can’t improve information.

There once was a myth of long ages
to help evolutionary stages,
but the methods of dating
have faults, indicating
more likely are far shorter ranges.

There once was a myth that the buried
fossils were but slowly smothered –
if not quickly engulfed in the ground
then scavengers soon would have found,
them, their pieces thus broken and scattered.

So the rocks show the signs of catastrophe,
laid down by a flood of activity
or volcanic eruption
and sudden destruction:
a devastating time of calamity.

There once was a myth that ‘pooh-poohed’
that such intricate nature only would
be created, designed
by a far greater mind
and power, than ‘chance’ ever could.

There once was a myth of a gradual
emergence, from nothing, of animal
and plant life evolving,
the improbables resolving
by assumption of aeons multi-millennial.
and some means yet unknown to be causal.

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