No more ‘junk DNA’

The ‘brain’ of each cell
has DNA-genes,
chemical coding
builds, guides its ‘machines’.

“Ninety-eight percent
useless junk”, they thought,
“– evolution’s left-overs
it’s use is now nought”.

– “Mistakes of mutations”,
they used to say,
“in bringing its benefits,
has made junk DNA.”


But now it’s revealed
it’s all much more complex:
amazed as they’re finding
that nothing seems surplus.

The control is more intricate
of all this ‘machinery’
than Dawkins predicted
from Darwinian theory.

‘We’re at the beginning
of a very long road
of finding the layers
of pathways untold.’

Geneticists say
they now are more humble.
– Upgrading a cell looks
an impossible gamble.

Mutations cause mischief
in genetic activity,
like a bug in my laptop
won’t improve its ability.

There’s plenty of scope
for small variation:
some struggle, some flourish
by natural selection;

but differences large,
of new, useful function,
have come from creation,
not random mutation.

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