2 Peter 3:3-13 and Luke 18:8

The world will scoff, deny, forget
– they do not want to know
that to their Maker they’re in debt,
and praise, submission, owe.
Every eye will one day see him,
Jesus returning, majestic, reigning:
how many will be waiting
with faith, upon the earth?

Remember, though, how soon is meant
(God’s time’s not to our scale);
– he waits, that many may repent:
his coming will not fail.
Until every eye will see him,
Christ Jesus coming, in power returning,
I’ll trust, and while I’m waiting
urge faith upon the earth.

When he is ready, he will come:
the world will not expect
the awesome, judging, holy One
whom most now scorn, reject.
We look forward to his coming,
the old earth melting, the new appearing,
in him, keep persevering
in holy, godly faith.

(Tune: of ‘I know not how God’s wondrous grace’)

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