John 9

The blind man could see: what amazed him the most –
the colours, the animals, plants, sky and host
of faces unknown (he had always been blind),
– or, who this man was, with such skill and so kind?

The leaders were angry and chose not to see,
they threatened, ridiculed, disowned him, but he
from heeding, obeying, increasingly saw
the truth about One who blind eyes could restore.

Thrown out of their midst, truth discarded for lies;
sought out by the Saviour who’d opened his eyes,
perceived Jesus now as Messiah and Lord;
the Pharisees’ pride made them shut out God’s Word.

Important to listen, consider and pray,
give thought to his words when he shows you his Way;
the threats and opinions of men do not fear:
more precious a Saviour who always stays near.

Tune: 11 11 11 11 St Luke

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