Living by his Word

Romans 12:2 Psalm 119:9
God’s Word should transform
my thinking, my mind.
I should not conform
to attitudes blind.
Such pressures surround my,
erroneous views –
to mould and confound me,
impress and confuse.

They say, ‘Push ahead
to comfort and ease’,
but I should instead
my Lord try to please.
The world seeks to gather
enjoyment and fame,
but I should much rather
Christ’s glory proclaim.

We see with surprise
how saints have been drawn
to follow men’s lies;
this should serve to warn,
how easy to wander,
by subtle deceits,
so watch and consider, –
earth’s vanity cheats.

Whatever my wealth,
position and place,
abilities, health,
may I, by God’s grace,
live more by his scripture,
not fearing men’s scorn,
or mocking: – I’m richer
when truth I adorn.

God’s Word teaches perfectly

Ps.19:10; 119:72, 103, 131 Heb.4:12 Is.55:11
Word to appreciate, – better than honey,
truth more sustaining than richest of food,
sweeter than sleep, or abundance of money,
casket of treasures, all holy and good.

Word to appropriate, – carefully listen
listen to truth and its message receive:
meditate, think, and be willing for action:
famine for all who refuse to believe.

Sword of the Sovereign to bring us conviction,
– he who has ears let him hear and embrace
Word that empowers to obey its instruction,
Word to apply to our lives by God’s grace.
Tune: 11 10 11 10 dactylic Epiphany Hymn by J F Thrupp

Resist, stand firm

1 Peter 5:6-11
Dear Saviour, Satan seeks
to feed our foolish pride,–
we want God’s gifts, but from
humility we slide.

Watch, think, pray; alert every day
Satan is seeking to lead you astray.

And sometimes he is glad
to make you angry, fret,
not cast your care on Christ, –
God’s power and love forget.

He lulls us into sleep,
and quietly prowls around.
You may not hear him creep,
– he strikes with little sound.

He likes to make us fear;
but firm in faith let’s stand:
God helps his church world-wide
by his almighty hand.

So don’t forget God’s grace,
his purpose and his power.
Don’t panic, but keep watch
for danger hour by hour.
Tune: 66 66 + iambic eg Mine by R F Lehman

Know your God, your enemy, your heart

Able to keep you – King all-wise, –
yet he allows the Prince of lies                    (Know your God)
to bring temptations in your way,
teaching your need to watch and pray.

Real and malicious is our foe,
– cunning, – our weakest points he’ll know,
fiercely he hates our happiness,             (Know your enemy)
skilfully hinders holiness.

Indwelling sin will yearn and lust:
Christians in Christ must daily trust,      (Know your heart)
watch, and take care where weak, and pray
grace to resist, repent each day.
Tune: LM eg Duke Street (Fight the good fight)

Who alone has perfect goodness?

Mark 10: 21–23
Who alone has perfect goodness?
Which commandments have I kept?
All the ten quite fully, always?
Is there anything that’s crept
in my heart to take affection,
and my trust for life’s protection?

Jesus knows and speaks to save us.
He will not speak words of ease
that would leave us as he found us,
– he speaks truth that may not please.
If we would have life eternal,
let Christ view our thoughts internal.

High the cost, but grace is greater:
nothing wasted, heaven won.
All we own is now the Saviour’s
– if we’ve riches, if we’ve none –
he alone can wisely guide us,
and with all we need, provide us.

Though at first we may not like it,
yet we may find grace to turn,
and accept the Word that touched us
‘on the raw’, and made us squirm,
fight, rebel, or slink away,
loving self too much to pray.

If we would escape from danger,
we must pick the idols from there.

Out of Blind Bondage

For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. Colossians 1:13,14
Bondage in the darkness, under Satan’s sway,
slavery, dominion; – no desire to pray:
gospel light unseen, and all that’s for our good:
blinded to our blindness: truth misunderstood.

Under Satan’s thumb; ‘at peace’ we thought, deceived.
Satan cannot love; his malice unperceived.
No co-operation with the rescue-bid:
willing to remain, content with all we did.

Brought into the kingdom of the Son he loves;
finding freedom, for new sight, delights he gives.
And this freedom is a willing bondage to
what we now appreciate, and want to do!

Tune: 65 65 D

The need for God’s revelation

Man, created in God’s image,
knew communion with his Lord:
earth’s Creator and Sustainer
Adam worshipped and adored;
fully knowing,
all that he had need to know.

When he sinned he lost this constant
full, rich, fellowship with God:
conscience, vision were corrupted, –
disobedience brought the rod.
Judgement feeling,
mercy needing, –
gracious messages from God.

As he learned of his condition,
Adam heard God speak in grace; –
through the ages God revealed more
how he’d solve this hopeless case.
God chose ways and
timely days and
through his prophets truth made known.

What he told must be remembered –
Words of God for all mankind:
holy writing God protected,
revelation for the blind.
Spirit holy
works in mercy,
sight restoring through God’s Word.

Christ, the Saviour, Word incarnate, –
Scripture teaches why he came;
Scripture guides, reproves, corrects us,
for salvation through Christ’s name.
Always needing
Scripture reading
’Til we see him face to face.

Tune: 87 87 47 eg Blaencefn by John Thomas

Certain Hope

No pain, and not in need;
completely blessed, and freed
from evil, sin and all
brought on us by the fall.
Certain hope:
we know Christ is there;
Jesus has promised
our home to prepare.

No fault, or weariness;
temptations cannot press;
no sight of wickedness;
no discontent, distress.

There goodness is complete;
and fellowship so sweet
with God, and with his Son:
we’ll see him on the throne.

With all God’s saints we’ll praise;
fulfilled for endless days;
pure joy, and glory, rest;
in perfect service blest.
Certain hope,
beyond all compare;
righteous, rejoicing,
and worshipping there.
[Tune: ‘Mine by’ R Frank Lehman   66. 66. and refrain]

Jesus speaks of coming days

Mark 13
As Jesus left the earthly temple,
scene of barenness and greed,
so he spoke of its destruction,
for its symbols were to lead
to the perfect Sacrifice,
to the Christ who would suffice.

Times of turmoil, trouble always
from the curse ’til time will end;
day of grace brings persecution,
but his gospel God will send;
and the Day he’s indicated,
will come surely as appointed.

Watch out, – not deceived by folly
things false teachers slyly say.
Watch out for his help in trouble,
watch out for his coming Day.
Not deflected, not unready,
vigilant, alert, and steady.

Christ’s Day is near

Romans 13:11-14
There is a day that soon will come;
soon see the hour of rising sun;
awake from slumber, rise to life,
let idleness be gone, and strife;
The day of Jesus Christ is near,
arise to serve in godly fear!

There is a robe of righteousness,
from God for those who Christ confess;
they, evil deeds must put aside,
and live like Christ, his humble bride,
protected as they war with sin:
they will by grace the battle win!

There is a work that we must do,
our vows, with zeal, let us renew,
and give no thought to fleshly lust,
but to the will of God, the just;
The day of Jesus Christ is near,
arise to serve in godly fear!
Tune: 88 88 88 eg Carey’s (Surrey) by Henry Carey
( tune of of ‘Who is a pardoning God like Thee’)