Approaching Communion

1 Corinthians 11:17-32
Unity, no biting schism
in his church, avoid division, –
imperfections can cause friction –
immature, and lacking wisdom:

but we all who love the Father,
must seek peace, love one another.

Gather, worship God together,
for his death give thanks, remember,
while partaking of his supper
in a right and proper manner:

this brings glory to the Saviour,
and does good to one another.

Looking round, does peace abound here?
Looking inward, what is found there?
Faith, repentance, love to God
and the people of the Lord?

Self-examination’s better
than chastisement hard and bitter.

Looking up to God, the Founder
of salvation’s plan of wonder;
looking back at Calvary,
all that Christ has done for me:

this we show by wine and bread
’til he comes, – we look ahead!

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