His Majesty

Psalm 139:1-16
I may choose to be a loner,
I may hide my past and plans;
but I can’t flee my Creator,
every inmost thought he scans.
So his presence thus surrounds me,
he’s aware of all I do,
with discernment that confounds me
– all is open to his view.

Wonderful complex creation,
skill almighty is revealed;
weighing mountain, earth and ocean,
sov’reign power he’ll always wield
over rulers, over nations,
over stars light-years away –
beyond human contemplations:
majesty holds perfect sway.

So to whom can we compare him?
Majesty we can’t define;
for we cannot comprehend him,
and his ways are so sublime.
Power and love of God consider,
when you feel he does not care;
he alone wise help can render,
strength renew: persist in prayer.

Tune: 87 87 87 87 eg Mountain Light by M Wostenholm

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