Rags to Riches

“Replace those clothes so soiled and worn,
with rich, clean garments that adorn.
So famished, that you pigswill crave:
the Prince adopts you! and will save
from such a life, that Monster’s slave,
by ‘friends’ impoverished, and bled,
who later disappeared, well fed;
the riches you will now enjoy
no rust or scoundrel can destroy;
receive a strength secure, and ‘eyes’
that understand, and grow more wise,
a ‘Husband’ trustworthy and kind,
brings satisfaction, peace of mind,
and helps you use your talents, gifts;
– you’re loved, and liked (your spirit lifts),
respected, thanked, fulfilled, worth while
your life and labours, no more vile;
a sense of purpose and a view
that stretches through the troubles true,
and knows that happiness will yet
remain supporting, and will get
still better, fuller, richer, sweeter,
and truly be ‘for ever after’ ”.

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