The holy God of reconciliation

Holy God of light and splendour,
sovereign majesty and fire;
he created man to know him,
though his being is far higher;
all his greatness and his wisdom
none can fully comprehend;
God omniscient who alone has
no beginning and no end.

Absolute in moral cleaness,
and completely undefiled;
loving good, and hating evil;
how can man be reconciled?
Son of God – all pure – took judgement,
that this God may be our Friend.
We may know him as our Father,
on his help and love depend.

Mighty glorious gospel message:
holy God approached and cared,
cared for enemies, for sinners,
and the broken bond repaired;
and he drew us, recreated
in his image to do good;
clothed and pardoned, gave his Spirit:
stand in awe, adore this God!

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