Has healed, can heal, will heal

A leper, ill, distressed, unkempt;
Christ had compassion, not contempt:
he touches – no contamination,
but, cleansing flows from him to heal
the leper – decontamination
from all he had to bear and feel.

A man so paralysed had friends,
who heard that Jesus heals and mends
trouble, sickness, disability:
they brought him close to the vicinity
where Jesus was instructing
and through the roof they lowered him
But first he pardoned, and some sneered,
‘God only can do that!’, thoughts jeered.
But Jesus then his power displayed,
authority to sins forgive,
by healing this paralysis:
and one day all that is amiss
he will put right, his kingship show,
but now trust and much blessing know,
and ask he pardon all you owe.

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