The Limitations of Science to study the past

Science is investigation
of recorded information,
experimenting, testing theories,
giving thought to awkward queries,
and alternative suggestions,
never jumping to conclusions.

When considering the past,
science has got limitations,
looks for traces that remain,
tries to think what they may mean. –

Many fossils show death-agony,
speaking of a great catastrophe,
which makes calculations harder
for we must admit, with wonder,
age-assessment needs more knowledge,
since the modes of rock formation,
and the rates of degradation
of the chemicals we measure,
may have varied in such epochs;
also content of the rocks
when first formed, cannot be known;

– tree-trunk-fossils crossing strata
show how quickly rocky matter
was laid down around to bury them;

in some ‘fossils’ they are finding
protein, tissue still surviving,
bone unfossilised – impossible
if they’d lain there for a multiple
of millions and millions of years.

What framework for interpretation
fits this new accumulation
of unearthed facts, – Darwin’s suggestion,
or the Creator’s revelation? –
the former brings no obligation,
the latter duty and salvation.

How many molecular switches in your brain?

How many stars in the Milky Way?
How many nerve links in part of my brain?
How many switches, – well, now they can say
more than the number of computers and routers,
and internet connections all over the earth,
a thousand times more than that number of stars,
– and all so transportable, useful, compact,
– amazing, impossible, miraculous fact!
(ref: “Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth” – news.cnet)

Truth revealed

Is truth immutable concealed, –
that sought-for, solid base?
or has a greater One revealed
real absolutes, in grace?
No other person knows my thought
unless explained and shared;
– God’s will can but by him be taught –
eternal Word declared.

The fear of God – a reverent awe –
foundation stone is this;
accepting standards of his law, –
our wisdom’s not amiss.
To aid we need enlightened hearts, –
wise tutor, Christ within;
for understanding he imparts:
perception of our sin.

God’s kindness still is vast and great
throughout the earth and skies:
for he’s the faithful Potentate
who life and health supplies.
His mystery of power and grace,
his love to fallen man,
sent Christ to take the sinner’s place:
see perfect wisdom’s span!

And soon all sad disease and pain
for ever will be gone,
and Jesus Christ will judge and reign,
and cleanse out all that’s wrong.
Please don’t search after something new, –
for where can truth be found?
In Christ, the Lord, what love we view:
his words and deeds astound!

Tune: CMD

The love of God

A love that willingly exchanged
the perfect wonder,
perfect honour,
perfect praise,
for weakness, schemes and sneers ranged
around, suspicion,
malicious, murderous intention.

For what? and why?
The only way that I
could be washed clean enough to enter holy heaven –
he took the penalty of death I’d earned, and I can be forgiven.

And now he does not slay all evil straight away,
but helps us while he calls to all who stray.

Principles from Psalms 1&2

Those heeding earth’s Creator stand
and flourish, under his command,
but those who boast rebellious thought
rejecting what he sent and taught
will have, he says, their day in court,
and like the chaff, the words they say
with them will quickly blow away,
their influence passing, short their day.

The great Creator sees and hears –
men’s cleverness to him appears
as folly, for their vision’s short –
imperfect knowledge, and flawed thought.
So who will listen? he informs
of wisdom that we need, and warns,
appeals, foretells, and offers grace
once purchased for the human race.