Freedom from oppression,
cruel domination,
manipulation, exploitation,
– universal greed for gain;
freedom from the pace and stress, –
peers-pressuring excess;
freedom from imprisoning chain,
and from all ill-health, and pain;
freedom from my guilt and shame,
self-convicting, well-earned blame.

Freedom from the pull of habit,
– want to quit, but cannot snap it:
paradox, that strength for progress
comes with heavenly bonds of service:
quickened aptitude,
grace and gratitude.

Some have had to fight, with gun,
those who kill, enslave and maim;
some have had to flee, and run
to a place where once again
they their families may feed,
worship God, with godly creed, –
from coercion, and the greed,
of those power-abusers, freed.

Perfect freedom: coming kingdom,
perfect law, and no-one poor,
never crime, nor aggravation,
universal full submission
to that perfect legislation;
harmony, and satisfaction.

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