Do God’s children always feel a
deep assurance, joy and peace?
Do their fears, and darkness, doubting
disappear, – for ever cease?
Life anew, regeneration,
brings assurance to the soul,
though the turmoil can obscure the
peace and joy from mind’s recall.

Many days I thus delight in
when my soul rests as a child
on its gracious, loving Father,
sensing that he’s reconciled.
Days of trial, days of trouble,
days of trying dullness come, –
when I have to persevere, and
think of all that Christ has done.

Wait upon the Lord almighty
when you feel no peace or calm;
– his the grace that’s made me want sal-
-vation from all sin and harm.
Wait upon the Lord almighty;
look to him and daily drink –
no-one else can quench your thirst, and
lift you as you start to sink.

Praise and pray and serve him, trust him, –
more important than ‘felt’ peace. –
When obedient, God brings comfort,
to my darkness brings relief.
I’m imperfect, yet there are those
signs of life from God, new ways.
When I’m puzzled I must lean on
Jesus, through confusing days.

Ways of God are wise and gracious,
as he sanctifies Christ’s Bride;
heavenly Father knows that sometimes
our desires must be denied.
– ‘Do not give me all things easy,
lest I turn away to pride;
neither take all blessings from me,
keep me trusting at your side.’ (Proverbs 30:8,9)

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