Perceptive Providence

Matthew 10:30  John 10:28,29   Daniel 3:27
O Lord, my God, I think with awesome wonder
of how you govern all the earth, and reign;
and as a Shepherd mighty, kind and tender,
plan for each sheep – their path of life ordain.
For every hair is numbered by the Lord,
and not a hair escapes his care;
and every single trouble that we bear
is under sovereign, loving care.

And when I feel that no-one understands me,
or when I’m lonely, anxious or depressed,
the One who scans my flesh and thoughts commands me
to pray, and trust he’ll help through every test.

There’s joy in heaven whenever one, repentant,
returns – by Christ is rescued from the foe; –
bought by his blood, and now God’s care is constant
– protects and teaches everywhere they go.

Those three did not have even smell of burning
when from the fiery furnace they emerged;
– God’s power displayed to one so slow in learning,
their clothes weren’t scorched, and not a hair was singed!
Tune: 11 10 11 10 + How great Thou art (Swedish-Russian Melody arr Stuart K Hine)

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