Lamentations 3:19–26
If I feel depressed and lonely,
guilty, friendless, cross, cast-down,
turn my thoughts to all God’s goodness,
and the kindnesses I’ve known.
Why should bitterness engulf me?
Why should only good befall
one so sinful and so foolish? –
Let God teach my wayward soul.

If I cannot face my failings,
without feeling great despair,
and expect complete perfection
while this mortal life I bear; –
I must think upon the gospel, –
open offer, grace made known,
wait for his complete salvation,
fix my hope in Christ alone.

When in physical affliction,
or I’m hurt by what men say,
angry thoughts must not consume me,
nor from Jesus turn away;
and I too have sinned against him,
hurting others by my ways,
– so return, O LORD, restore me,
help me serve you all my days.
(Tune: 87 87D)

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