Who alone has perfect goodness?

Mark 10: 21–23
Who alone has perfect goodness?
Which commandments have I kept?
All the ten quite fully, always?
Is there anything that’s crept
in my heart to take affection,
and my trust for life’s protection?

Jesus knows and speaks to save us.
He will not speak words of ease
that would leave us as he found us,
– he speaks truth that may not please.
If we would have life eternal,
let Christ view our thoughts internal.

High the cost, but grace is greater:
nothing wasted, heaven won.
All we own is now the Saviour’s
– if we’ve riches, if we’ve none –
he alone can wisely guide us,
and with all we need, provide us.

Though at first we may not like it,
yet we may find grace to turn,
and accept the Word that touched us
‘on the raw’, and made us squirm,
fight, rebel, or slink away,
loving self too much to pray.

If we would escape from danger,
we must pick the idols from there.

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