The need for God’s revelation

Man, created in God’s image,
knew communion with his Lord:
earth’s Creator and Sustainer
Adam worshipped and adored;
fully knowing,
all that he had need to know.

When he sinned he lost this constant
full, rich, fellowship with God:
conscience, vision were corrupted, –
disobedience brought the rod.
Judgement feeling,
mercy needing, –
gracious messages from God.

As he learned of his condition,
Adam heard God speak in grace; –
through the ages God revealed more
how he’d solve this hopeless case.
God chose ways and
timely days and
through his prophets truth made known.

What he told must be remembered –
Words of God for all mankind:
holy writing God protected,
revelation for the blind.
Spirit holy
works in mercy,
sight restoring through God’s Word.

Christ, the Saviour, Word incarnate, –
Scripture teaches why he came;
Scripture guides, reproves, corrects us,
for salvation through Christ’s name.
Always needing
Scripture reading
’Til we see him face to face.

Tune: 87 87 47 eg Blaencefn by John Thomas

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