Living by his Word

Romans 12:2 Psalm 119:9
God’s Word should transform
my thinking, my mind.
I should not conform
to attitudes blind.
Such pressures surround my,
erroneous views –
to mould and confound me,
impress and confuse.

They say, ‘Push ahead
to comfort and ease’,
but I should instead
my Lord try to please.
The world seeks to gather
enjoyment and fame,
but I should much rather
Christ’s glory proclaim.

We see with surprise
how saints have been drawn
to follow men’s lies;
this should serve to warn,
how easy to wander,
by subtle deceits,
so watch and consider, –
earth’s vanity cheats.

Whatever my wealth,
position and place,
abilities, health,
may I, by God’s grace,
live more by his scripture,
not fearing men’s scorn,
or mocking: – I’m richer
when truth I adorn.

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