1 Corinthians 9:24,27; 10:12
It’s easy to backslide bit by bit from righteousness,
from total love, obedience, submission, faithfulness;
to think oneself much better than sinners all around,
but be sliding from that grace that would abound.

Yes, backsliding is so easy, –
press on, or you will fall;
but it’s far more hard to jog on
through troubles great and small;
but make progress, grow in knowledge,
the Spirit’s graces all; –
for backsliding is not difficult at all.

It’s easy to give something to God, but not give all;
and partly own him Master, but never truly call
for mercy and forgiveness; be stubborn, and so slide,
choosing lust, self-satisfaction, greed and pride.

And pleasures, cares, possessions, like weeds can stifle faith;
if the heart is not committed, and things of self and earth
have more of one’s affection than God and those in need,
then one’s sliding from the heavenly way indeed!
Tune: Irregular  ‘Crowning Day’ by J McGranahan

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