The Journey

Journeying onwards with vision of glory,
steadily forward through thickets and thorns,
clasping the hand that can handle my worry,
– Christ is supporting, of dangers he warns.
Journey on earth while enjoying its beauty,
journey on earth while enduring its pain,
journey of struggles, and failings in duty,
strengthened, uplifted again and again.

Journeying onwards to life of perfection,
where there will be no more ugly decay,
illness, or evil, or dissatisfaction:
Jesus my Guardian, my Guide, and the Way.

Journeying daily, God’s Spirit indwelling,
blessing, preserving, and teaching his Word;
fellowship constant – a foretaste, foretelling
end of the journey, the presence of God.
Tune: 11 10 11 10 D eg El Noi de la Mare (16th C Catalan carol arr R B Campen)
or Faithfulness by W Runyan, tune of ‘Great is thy faithfulness’

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