The people were amazed

Mark 1:15,22,24
Amazed at his manner of teaching –
so clear, so simple: the Son,
without all the fog of traditions,
to tell them the message had come.
Repent! believe! the time of salvation is here.
Repent! believe! God’s kingdom and mercy is near.

The Son of the King; whose experience
and knowledge of God was unique; –
but will they debate and dispute it,
or trust as they hear Jesus speak.

The demons can’t trust, so they tremble;
they know they are cornered, and fear.
They grab what they can, but the One that
can silence, arrest them is here.
Repent! believe! the demons can’t trust, only fear.
Repent! believe! for we can receive what we hear.

So people should not just discuss him,
ignore, or despair, or despise,
but turn to Christ Jesus, away from
all evil, uncleanness and lies.
Tune: 98 98 + Redeemed by William J Kirkpatrick 436 Grace Hymns

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