(Luke 19:1-10)
Materialistic, lonely, lost;
impressed by One who showed
real interest, – and this welcomed Guest
salvation grace bestowed.
He met with Jesus Christ, and now
he’s changed for ever, – hear his vow,
and watch, and see, and notice how

his life and ways have changed.

He used to live to try to get
however much he could,
but now he wants to give, his debt
restore fourfold, do good.

This rogue was mastered by his greed,
but now he’s ruled by grace, –
for righteousness has come indeed
by Jesus to this place.
Tune: 86 86 88 86 eg Faith (Swiss Melody) (356 Grace Hymns)

and for children
A for Adam who did wrong,
bringing death to everyone.
Z is for Zacchaeus, who
lived the way he wanted to (do you?).
But he welcomed Jesus in,
learnt that he should turn from sin.
No more greedy,
helped the needy:
change of heart,
a fresh new start.
(tune of ‘ABCDEFG’)

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