Viewing the cross

(Mark 15:9–11, 29–32, 38,39)
Hatred, hatred deaf and blind
for the One so good and kind, –
hatred that will not consider
this is God the Son they murder.

Love, eternal love, – how can
he be treated thus by man?
Love almighty lets it be
so that he can rescue me.

Mockingly they hail him King,
words that scorn his truth they bring,
‘Look he dies, he cannot save!’
No! to save, – his life he gave!

Hour ordained by prophecy, –
pivot-point, not tragedy, –
solemn scene in darkness see:
‘What does all this mean to me?’

Judgment on the righteous Son –
punished for what I have done,
through what agony he’s passed,
willingly he breathes his last.

Curtain torn, the barrier’s gone
– reconciliation won.
‘Son of God’ – what grace and power:
history’s defining hour!

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