The Real Fool

(Proverbs 1:10; 7:10)
Satan slyly tempts into danger’s way,
and the fool is taken in,
for he drifts and dreams, he’s an easy prey, –
soon enticed, engulfed by sin.
Follow wisdom: listen and be wise.
Fear God, and turn from sin.
Fools will follow after foolishness and lies.
Turn to Christ, and follow him.

Lacking aim and purpose, without concern
for what’s past, or is to come.
Blind to snares around, no desire to learn,
just enjoying lots of fun.

Quick to quarrel, cocky, inclined to spite,
quick to air their foolish views,
making others sin, they neglect the Light,
and God’s wise advice refuse.

One day God will not turn his gracious ear
to their anguished call and plight;
for the calls of wisdom they would not hear,
and in folly took delight.

Tune: 10 7 10 7+ Submission by W H Doane (tune of ‘Draw me nearer ‘) 677 Grace

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