Sanctification and Discipline

Hebrews 12:5–11
If God’s Holy Spirit has made you an heir,
a son by adoption, Christ’s glory to share;
if justified, welcomed, forgiven all sin, –
your sanctification by God will begin.
Glorious work! Glorious work! God’s omnipotent plan!
Glorious work! Glorious work! God redeems sinful man!

So do not lose heart when God’s dealings seem hard,
we would not be sons if his training were spared.

It truly you’re his, then chastisement expect,
for God must instruct and rebuke to perfect;
and such will be painful, the purging is sore,
but leaves us more gentle and meek than before.

God is not inflicting the due for our sins,
for Christ paid that penalty – mercy he brings;
but God will correct, and will train, and will test,
preparing a people to enter his rest.

And do not be cross, do not criticize God,
whenever you wince at the sting of his rod,
for wise is his providence, perfect his plan,
and he will complete what in us he began.

And learn what he’s teaching, and pray, and submit;
you must be made ready for heaven, made fit;
you’ll grow through affliction your Father provides,
accept what his love and his wisdom decides.

But still we can pray that he give what we need
to serve him, and witness; may ask to be freed
from pain that would hinder, or things that prevent
our efforts to tackle the work we’ve been sent.
Tune: 11 11 11 11 +  (‘To God be the glory’ by W H Doane)

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