Sunday benefit

God blessed the sabbath – he requires
that man from work should rest.
One day kept holy he desires:
remember, and be blest.

God made it for man’s benefit,
to pause for thankfulness;
and with his people we may meet,
and grow in godliness.

We’ve time to meditate upon
God’s Words proclaimed, explained;
encourage those who trust the Son,
and share what we have gained.

When freed from work of other days,
our worship we may bring;
remember, celebrate, and praise –
how Christ redeemed from sin.

We must not cease from true concern
for all our neighbours’ needs.
Be helpful, kind; but we must spurn
unnecessary deeds.

Our Sunday is a Jubilee,
a time for joyful song;
a time for slaves to be set free.
cleansed from a life so wrong.

And only those who want to keep
their sabbath in this way,
such benefits so great can reap,
God’s honour well display.
CM ‘Arnold’s’ by S Arnold

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