Sure Joy

Philippians 4:4
Joy flows from Jesus through faith in his Word:
Joy that is sure
purchased inheritance safely is stored,
perfect, for ever secure.
Joy in the LORD –
always rejoice in his wonderful Word!

Many the times when we sorrow or groan,
yet we have hope;
joy incorruptible, pure, we have known;
sometimes we struggle and grope;
yet we have still
cause to rejoice that he’s working his will.

Empty hilarity’s worthless and vain, –
soon it will end:
Satan deceives men to folly and pain.
God is a merciful Friend; –
true godly fear
brings with it joy to press on, persevere.

Robbed of our joy by temptation to sin –
help me to turn,
not to be selfish or proud, but like him,
bitterness, hatred, to spurn:
walk in God’s ways,
gaining real pleasure, and bringing him praise.

Those who the name of Christ Jesus revere,
sorry for sin,
will not be frightened when soon he draws near, –
joyfully welcoming him;
trials all past,
nothing to hinder enjoyment at last!
Tune: 10 4 10 7 4 10 e.g. Wonderful Love by F.L.Wiseman

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