(1&2 Timothy, Titus, Ephesians)
We must promote a peaceful life,
where we can speak God’s Word;
and pray for rulers calming strife;
ourselves obey the Lord.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to do what’s good;
be loving, kind, don’t slander –
– more like your Father God.

Be peaceable, considerate,
show true humility
towards all, – free from malice, hate,
pursuing purity.

Be ready, Christian, always,
eager to do what’s good;
devote yourself for service, –
vessel prepared for God.

Avoid unwholesome, godless talk,
arguments foolish leave.
Instruct those who in folly walk –
maybe they will believe.

Be ready, Christian, always,
ready to teach what’s good.
Christ gave himself to save us.
We’ve been redeemed for God.

Don’t quarrel, and be kind to all,
never resentful, pray
that some will see the truth, and call,
turn from the devil’s way.

Be ready, Christian, always:
kindness and love of God –
not what I’ve done, – but mercy,
saved me to do much good.

Tune: CM+ eg Quiet Rest

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