Training children

‘Spare the rod, and spoil the child’:
kids don’t want to turn out wild:
they expect we’ll teach them truly,
curb them when they get unruly.

Sparing punishment when called for
isn’t kindness, – though a hard chore.
Sentence fair, but quick and felt,
is better than when long-drawn-out.

Teach, explain, command and plead:
sensitive to what they need.
Do you sometimes feel worn out,
striving for some turnabout?

Clear instruction, discipline
– more acceptable when young
than just left to selfishness,
guideless in a world of stress.

Words convince, appeal, draw on;
punishments pull back from wrong,
giving time for second thought,
underlining what was taught.

’Teens appreciate concern, –
though they feel we’ve lots to learn!
Pray for something apt to say,
seasoned words about the Way.

Some profess to love the LORD,
– still need training in God’s Word:
dangers, pitfalls  – watch and pray,
teach God’s wisdom day by day.

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